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Another all-nighter – the 50th? 100th? – but I finally burst through the 1-hour barrier. AND I finally have Plain Layne in the mix, in a way that almost-sorta flows with the rest. I just got back from Oak Street and we tested the DVCAM tape out on their fancy schmancy $15,000/week projector. WOW. I can't believe how good it looked blown up on the big screen, considering it was shot on ShittiDV. The sound, well, needs more work. And umm, it needs credits.

Actually, the edit needs more work too. Right now, you learn about Plain Layne and meet a couple of commenters (Miguel and Ryan/Quiplash), but you never find out who Layne is. :-/ Which is why tonight is likely another all-nighter. I've got lots of clips of Odin and Mrs. Odin at the ready, and I'm going to sneak them in toward the end. It kind of works out, because Layne deleted her blog and turned out to be Odin. Then I deleled my blog, but I assure you, this did not cause Chuck himself to be deleted.

Hopefully I won't fall asleep during the MPR interview today... find out tomorrow at 10am.

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