IcurmudgeonAlan Zweig's I, Curmudgeon was incredible. I'm too tired to explain why, but it tapped into something, something we're all feeling right now, and there's something good in that feeling and we need it. And it was funny, and I wish all of my friends could have been there. I'm glad we had dinner with Alan before the film - I already knew I liked him a whole lot hanging out, but after the film I couldn't help but be in deep awe. And you know, who wants to hang out with someone "deeply awe-ing" you?

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I had the misfortune of meeting Mr. Zweig several months ago. Biggest, most self-absorped asshole I'd ever met. His documentaries are so totally self-obsessed it's like watching someone trying to self-fellate for an hour or so.

Posted by: The Wiz at Dec 15, 2004 11:57:38 PM

Hmm, well you may be right there.
Still like him and his docs, though.

Posted by: Chuck at Dec 16, 2004 2:35:36 AM

Dear Wiz
When you say I'm the biggest self-absorbed asshole you've ever met, is that a reference to my weight or the degree of my self-absorption?
Anyway I can't really defend myself. I am self-absorbed and if I could fellate myself I certainly would. In fact that's what my new self-absorbed masterpiece will be about.
For most of the film though, I'm just doing stretching exercises so you'll have to wait to the end to see the real fellating.
When all is said and done, it's being called an asshole that stings. But some of the sting is reduced when it comes from a guy calling himself "The Wiz".

Posted by: Self Absorbed Asshole Apparently at Jul 13, 2005 8:28:06 PM

Don't sweat The Wiz man.... I've been called worse things.
People like to talk shit online when they don't have to stand behind their words.
I, for one, greatly anticipate your next fanatically fellating film.

Posted by: Chuck at Jul 13, 2005 8:56:17 PM