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Dnd"Drew, will you stop fuckin' around with your pants?" See, Drew is wearing corduroys and Dawn is yelling at him, cuz it's noisy. So Drew takes off his pants and then they're, like, totally nudecasting!

Okay, well you really have to hear it. I haven't been that thrilled with any of the podcasts I've heard so far, but The Dawn and Drew Show is raunchy and hee-larious. "Even hot chicks get diarrhea" - this is exactly what I want from my inkernet podcast action. Not surprising from me I suppose. What is surprising is Dave "Big Daddy" Winer is a big fan and they closed out their latest show with an audio comment from him. This world is out of control, people.

Why can I buy a blowjob at Target.com?

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Army of Chuck, reporting for duty... to myself.

In Chuck's spare time, he will cull together new job skills from magazines and the teevee:

  • Restaurant Pet Investigator
  • Criminal Nurse
  • Work-at-Home Internet Dentist
  • Sexy fat incestuous ghetto whore
  • IBEW-Certified Turtle Operator
  • Personal Injury Stenographer
  • Day Care Drug Problem
  • Full-time Blog Mommy

    I'm starting to get excited about the possibilities. I sorta wish I didn't say my last day is December 23, because that's so far away. And yet I'm glad I'll have a paycheck through Xmas.

    Some of my time will be spent finding and doing web work to pay the bills. Some of the time will be spent on Blogumentary, the film (your DVDs are coming, i swear!). The most fun and exciting time will be spent on imagining, experimenting, creating, learning.

    Notice I've removed "Der Politik" from my blogroll and added the stupidly-named "Media On Da Move." It's a jumble of film, media, and videoblogging sites. That's where my head is at.

    I feel like I've been an absent seat in the videoblogging classroom. Jay Dedman, Steve Garfield and friends are at the forefront of the videoblogging revolution. In a way I'm not sure I want to be on the very cutting edge. I want to know about it and play with it, but ultimately I just want to create funny, informative, engaging stuff that's reasonably accessible.

    Many ideas, and soon... time to implement them.

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    Chuck, about to jump off a cliff

    Seriously! More later.

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    The Arcade Fire was, not counting Beulah, the best show I've seen at the 400 Bar since Neutral Milk Hotel. Onstage, The Arcade Fire is a multi-instrumentalist bohemian family working out their demons through their songs, tapping into the universal love connection when we sing along. In short, it was effin' awesome.

    Blog-hotties in the hizzouse (besides Lorika and I, natch): Sharyn our Arcade Fire buzzmistress, currently-computerless Mark D., and hiatus-tastic Crystal. And [your name here]?

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    DanratherthumbDropping the anchorman: Dan Rather's retirement marks a welcome change in American journalism [The Economist]

    A pretty good assessment of the current mediascape-in-transition, and it will sound very familiar to anyone who has seen Blogumentary [$buy!].

    My one qualm is this statement:

    It is a safe bet that, if the current Bush administration goes the way of previous second-term administrations and becomes consumed by scandals, conservative bloggers will be in the forefront of the scandal-mongering.

    What? Are you insane? Lefty bloggers will be at the forefront of sniffing out scandal in this White House. Conservative bloggers will be in the forefront of (a) Attacking the left, (b) Defending the Bush Administration at any cost, because the cause of neoconservatism (i.e. continuous war in the Middle East) clearly outweighs all other values beyond reason and beyond the pale.

    USA Today Rather: 'Time for me to move on'
    Quotes Power Line's John Hinderaker among others.

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    I don't feel as bad as I look. Lorika and I shared some really late breakfast as the dreaded Holidazzle Parade made it's soggy inaugural march along Nicollet Ave. in downtown Minneapolis. Surely we need a parade for International Buy Nothing Day – BuyNothingDazzle? Something involving nude mimes...

    Uh-oh - shiny sparkly Christmas dingle-dangles! My feigned economic discipline evaporates the instant Christmas music hits my ears and my eyes are hypnotized by the nummy rainbow of pretty glass shapes in the Crate & Barrel window.

    Still, we indeed managed to buy nothing.

    It doesn't hurt to look, right?

    Of course, we found things we wanted to buy. We're going to wait until International Buy Everything Even If You Don't Have the Money Day, i.e. the other 364 days of the year.



    And now, 5 second movie reviews.

    SCOOBY DOO 2: Do you need to ask? Not even "dumb entertainment" quality.

    KINSEY: Pretty darn good. Actually quite good. Go see it.

    ROCK HUDSON HOME MOVIES: Only watched the first part of this. The thesis is thin and it's an amateur production (who am I to talk?) but still, I enjoy seeing all the gayest scenes of Rock Hudson flicks spliced together. Especially with Tony Randall prancing about.

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    Convincing? No, not really.

    See that gun? Lori's cousin entertained us by shooting a propane cannister with that thar gun. You wouldn't think that'd be much fun, but believe me – it's a hoot. We stood safely behind the truck and waited... waited.... forthePOP! Missed! It was scary and exciting, waiting for the next loud ker-POP. 3rd shot was a the real payoff, and the propane can blew sky high and we all cheered. Yessir, just some good ol' fashioned blowin'-shit-up fun. I didn't shoot the gun, but come Christmas I might take a crack at it. The farm is full of large inanimate objects deserving my (pulls up trousers) frontier justice.

    Did I mention I'm a true-blue liberal?

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    Nice to be back at the newly-reopened First Avenue.

    Too bad Urge Overkill still sucks ass live.

    I walked by the Entry and heard the opening chords of the Midnight Evil's set, and that would have kicked way more ass. But I got to hang with my old friend (yikes, I've known him since 4th grade) Andy. He bought a cd from Picked-to-Clickers Thunder in the Valley. I really needed to drink and rock, because i got a written warning for "Attendance Issues" at work today. This, after busting my ass on a project all week. Oy. I'm so pissed. Somebody make Blogumentary my job okay?

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