The Arcade Fire was, not counting Beulah, the best show I've seen at the 400 Bar since Neutral Milk Hotel. Onstage, The Arcade Fire is a multi-instrumentalist bohemian family working out their demons through their songs, tapping into the universal love connection when we sing along. In short, it was effin' awesome.

Blog-hotties in the hizzouse (besides Lorika and I, natch): Sharyn our Arcade Fire buzzmistress, currently-computerless Mark D., and hiatus-tastic Crystal. And [your name here]?

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That was one of the best shows I've ever seen, period. It was a little harder to judge because I didn't know their songs going into it, but I just loved it. I was a little afraid when I saw that there were 7 or 8 people on stage; it could have been chaos. But everybody knew what they were doing and every part had a purpose. I was excited that I could actually hear the violin; I love when stringed instruments are used well.

And they were so passionate. The singer with red gloves was totally, totally into it. I feel like we saw them at the best possible time, like they're cresting this swell of getting huge, but it hasn't quite hit them yet.

Posted by: spacewaitress at Nov 28, 2004 11:39:36 AM


Posted by: Chuck at Nov 28, 2004 12:58:43 PM

the arcade fire are fantastic.

there's a bootleg of the show at the 400 bar at the trader's den (flac format, as a torrent):


Posted by: kathryn at Nov 29, 2004 12:36:45 AM

Oh sweeeeeet - thanks kathryn!

kathryn is awesomely making a documentary about The Wrens.

Posted by: Chuck at Nov 29, 2004 1:28:47 AM

amazing show indeed

i was able to get some decent photos of the show:


btw, can someone who is using a Mac tell me if they look too bright? they looked ok on my home PC, which i have the gamma turned up fairly high, but here at work they look a bit washed out. if so, i'll re-edit them and re-upload.

Posted by: solace at Nov 29, 2004 11:59:04 AM

Those are awesome pics! And I concur, that was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time!

Posted by: Lorika at Nov 29, 2004 2:26:19 PM

Uuuuumph! Wow, great pics! Looks fine on my Mac.

Damn, this camera in my Treo just aint cut out for concert pics. I'm glad you guys got some good photos. Between the photos and the bootleg, we can experience the show over and over.

Posted by: Chuck at Nov 29, 2004 2:47:03 PM

thanks for upping my expectations of tonight three-fold.

Posted by: ScottB at Dec 10, 2004 10:57:56 AM

Arcade Fire fans: There are some photos of the Arcade Fire show at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on 12-8-04 on my website, www.paulhayward.com. I hope you enjoy them, and Happy New Year! Paul

Posted by: Paul Hayward at Jan 4, 2005 7:36:51 PM

Arcade definitly lived up to what I expected them to be. Usually it's a dissapointment at live shows for me but this one I really appricated..bravo.

Posted by: Marissa at Nov 11, 2005 6:25:56 PM