Army of Chuck, reporting for duty... to myself.

In Chuck's spare time, he will cull together new job skills from magazines and the teevee:

  • Restaurant Pet Investigator
  • Criminal Nurse
  • Work-at-Home Internet Dentist
  • Sexy fat incestuous ghetto whore
  • IBEW-Certified Turtle Operator
  • Personal Injury Stenographer
  • Day Care Drug Problem
  • Full-time Blog Mommy

    I'm starting to get excited about the possibilities. I sorta wish I didn't say my last day is December 23, because that's so far away. And yet I'm glad I'll have a paycheck through Xmas.

    Some of my time will be spent finding and doing web work to pay the bills. Some of the time will be spent on Blogumentary, the film (your DVDs are coming, i swear!). The most fun and exciting time will be spent on imagining, experimenting, creating, learning.

    Notice I've removed "Der Politik" from my blogroll and added the stupidly-named "Media On Da Move." It's a jumble of film, media, and videoblogging sites. That's where my head is at.

    I feel like I've been an absent seat in the videoblogging classroom. Jay Dedman, Steve Garfield and friends are at the forefront of the videoblogging revolution. In a way I'm not sure I want to be on the very cutting edge. I want to know about it and play with it, but ultimately I just want to create funny, informative, engaging stuff that's reasonably accessible.

    Many ideas, and soon... time to implement them.

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    Can I just hire you to always wear that sweater/tie combo?

    Seriously, though, last year my employment with a certain company ended on Dec. 23. It's an odd time to quit, and it dominates the conversation during the holiday dinners. But I had to quit: When someone fires me, I lose all interest in working for them.

    Seriously, though, is it ever possible for me to speak seriously, though?

    Posted by: Barrett at Nov 30, 2004 4:29:41 PM

    Here's a jackassin' idea for a job.

    Posted by: Andy at Dec 1, 2004 8:53:03 AM

    Come Valentine's Day, I'll have survived on odd jobs (ranging from freelance video editing to freelance daycare) for a year. Power to the creatively unemployed!

    Although I may actually not last until February...

    Posted by: dvd at Dec 1, 2004 11:38:57 PM

    3 years later...

    A bunch of jerks have taken our vision and made it into an ad driven crap on the net circle of friends.

    User generated income is next.

    Posted by: Lan Bui at Nov 16, 2007 1:15:13 AM