89.3 ROCKS

Am I in heaven? 89.3: The Current is the first time I've been excited by what's on the radio in quite a long time. Not that I don't still love Radio K mind you, but with the departure of Mark Wheat and Cosmic Slop, there's not a whole lot to be excited about. Their new shows may offer some hope, particularly Now Like Photographs (instrumental rock — get to work on that web page, guys) and Soulful Science (house music).

89.3 brings delivers baby. Sizzlin'. Ouch. Hott... Lorika, a "Founding Member", sums it up:

Any station that plays Lemon Jelly, The White Stripes, The Arcade Fire, The Beastie Boys, The Fall, Johnny Cash, Public Enemy, The Hang Ups, Billie Holliday, The Chemical Brothers, Low, Roy Orbison, The Postal Service & Guided By Voices (!!!) (do you need more?) is the station for me. It's like they came in, took a bunch of stuff out of my own private music collection, and then threw in some stuff I didn't know I liked yet and piped it to my ears from heaven.

Lori complains that the morning show really doesn't fit the bill. I complain that the signal isn't so good up here, but the audio stream really sounds amazing. CD-quality, you know. Listen now (If it doesn't play for you, I recommend downloading the VLC Player which plays everything under the sun.) Read more on the aacPlus streaming format from my old friend and 89.3 New Media Producer Mike Wells.

BONUS: 89.3's Annie Baxter is going to interview me about videoblogs tomorrow, apparently to be broadcast on Wed. drivetime. I'll post a link if one is available.

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I'm so happy to see everyone excited about it. We had it on at work last night and people were constantly saying, "I've never heard _______ played on the radio before! Cool!"

I'm signing up to be a founding member today.

Posted by: Ciri at Jan 26, 2005 11:17:27 AM

Yaaay Siri!

Posted by: Lorika at Jan 26, 2005 11:28:10 AM


so i kinda sounded like a nervous idiot being interviewed today... i was much more prepared to talk about videoblogs than regular blogs. i hope the magic of editing makes me sound smart.

Posted by: Chuck at Jan 26, 2005 12:55:36 PM

It always does honey, it always does.

Posted by: Lorika at Jan 26, 2005 2:33:58 PM

Congrats on the interview. The cult of Chuck spreads!

I'm so lame. I didn't even realize Mark Wheat was at 89.3. Maybe streaming is the best way to listen, but I think the value proposition is stronger on-air than online. I've already got a ton of Winamp bookmarks, but they're the only competition for Radio K on my radio presets.

Posted by: Odin at Jan 26, 2005 8:36:46 PM

I'm now listening to their stream. Thank goodness this is on the air and I can listen online.

The only modern rock station where I grew up in DC, 99.1 WHFS, which had been crap for at least the last ten years finally went under and was replaced by a latino station. Its amazing how progressive radio has become such a rarity. All I can stomach on the dial these days is NPR or Pacifica, but that's mostly talk... And the Record Industry blames their poor sales on file sharing. I would bet it might have more to do with the lack of outlets for new music.

Posted by: Josh at Jan 29, 2005 10:18:09 PM

When Rev 105 went off the air it was like a friend dying, so it is nice to hear some of the old voices again. Mary Lucia is like the cool aunt or big sister who lets you smoke and drink and listen to her records.

Posted by: OurTrinitoneBlast at Feb 3, 2005 12:42:30 PM