LawyersjunkSo I got in a little car accident (photo) before going to NYC. When I got back, I had this pile of mail waiting for me. Yippee! Did I win the lottery? It sure looks like it from a couple of these flyers. But no, they're all personal injury lawyers:

  • Paige J. Donnelly, LTD.
  • Eric Steeves Law Firm
  • Krueger Law Firm
  • Dan Lieber of Metro Law Center

    Now, I'm sure some folks may have a legitimate need for a post-accident lawyer. As one of the flyers says, "The insurance companies have lawyers working on their side - and so should you!" But it also feels sorta slimey. They want you to call them to find out if you even need a lawyer. Boom - new client! Also, how did they get my name? Was it the insurance company, or the City of St. Paul that provided this information? Who is making money on this? Or do they just check police reports and mail me from public information?

    I want to know. And, I'm sure not going to take the time to find out. Chuck Olsen, Lazy Citizen Journalist at your service.

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    A lot of my patients have the same problems - in a couple of days after the accident happens.
    I have always been wondering where they get the addresses and how they get to know about such occasions so fast. Sometimes I regret there's no spam list for ambulance-chasing lawyers...

    Posted by: Ambulance Doc at Sep 27, 2005 5:26:11 PM