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Ev and Noah pretend to talk

Check out Odeo, formally debuting today at the TED Conference (Technology, Education, Design). As this New York Times article explains, Odeo is a new startup from the mind of SanFran cutie-nerds Evan Williams (Blogger cofounder) and Noah Glass (Audioblogging.com founder). Is there money to be made from podcasting? If there is, these two guys will find it. I wish them wild success.

Also at the TED conference are some of my favorite vlog people in the universe: Jay Dedman, Ryan Hodson and Joshua Kinberg. They're conducting a videoblogging clinic and posting vids on the TED Blog.

More poddy/vloggy links:

  • Ev's backstory on Odeo and Odeo's history in funny pictures
  • Jay and Ryanne Show #3 on money vs. independence
  • New York Times: Bloggers Add Moving Images to Their Musings
  • AlwaysOn Network: Video Blogs and Podcasts
  • USA Today: Podcasting, it's all over the dial
  • WIRED: Adam Curry Wants to Make You an iPod Radio Star 
  • NewsHour Extra: Podcasting Power for the People
  • Plenty more at podcastingnews.com

    I have video of Noah and Ev at Bruce Sterling's party last year at SXSW. Noah is pretty drunk, and he takes me around and pontificates lucidly on how all these wonderful geeks are friends and the world is full of opportunity and connections, and the future is bright. At one point he pulls Evan out of a conversation and says "Take this guy..." and Ev is confused, because he thought Noah was saying he was gay. Anyway, it's all very amusing and I can't find it.

    Instead, here's a short clip of Cory Doctorow with laryngitis [1.5 MB].

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    "...breakthroughs in information retrieval would come when researchers gained a deeper understanding of how humans process information and then endowed machines with analogous capabilities." —Ben-Ami Lipetz

    So you know how Flickr has tags, right? It lets visual images have searchable text describing what it is, like IKEA or meatballs. It's like letting pictures talk in word-language. Or letting us speak in pictures, just like Peter Gabriel does. Anyway, it's crazy cool. And this networked intermedia symbiosis party is spreading to video. The party's just gettin' started.

    Witness what a couple of my vlog-buds are up to:

    Michael Verdi is shaking things up in the land of mefeedia tags. Check out the growing little video conversation surrounding vlog anarchy. Another popular tag is The Gates.

    Jakob Lodwick, who writes an ever-expanding epiphany on tagwebs, has taken his vimeo project from hobby to beta. Vimeo goes beyond showing you videos with certain tags. It assembles them into "automatic movies" - for example, automatic movies about a concept: funny or a place: 349 broadway where Jakob and the boys live. This isn't available for the public to play with just yet, but from what I've seen this could be huge. And huge fun.

    Plug in, zoom on and freak out man.

    Not entirely related: Check out a review of Jahshaka, "grassroots real-time video production powerhouse" that does just about all the audio and uncompressed video editing and effects you'd ever want... for free. It's in alpha right now - download here.

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    Jason Kottke quit his job and is jumping off a cliff, just like I did not long ago. It's the best decision I've made in a long time. Paths have opened up to me, new futures are imagined. I happily contributed to Kottke's patronage campaign. I'd almost support him even if I didn't love his blog, because he's trying to sustain himself without advertising. That's what we talk about in the videoblogging community — sustainability, and supporting each other so we can do what we love.

    Jason told me he was going to blog full-time at my Blogumentary screening in TriBeCa, but I had to keep it secret. He told me something else I kept confidential out of respect... but I guess it's public now.

    Megnut's comment on the snipey MetaFilter Kottke thread:

    P.S. I'm Kottke's ex-girlfriend, am also suspiciously posting to MeFi after a long absence, and friends with sylloge and mathowie. We all have been in cahoots for a very long time.

    Yep, the first couple of blogging has parted ways. I was a bit worried about the Kottke and Meg segment in Blogumentary, but Jason was totally laughing at it.

    Weirdly, on the same weekend, the first couple of videoblogging revealed themselves to the world.

    Now that Kottke is single and blogging for dollars, will he do sexxy lapdances on his webcam?

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    Copyright Criminals focuses on sample-based music and has a pretty sweet trailer posted under a Creative Commons license. The film is co-produced by U of Iowa professor Kembrew McLeod who once trademarked the phrase "freedom of expression" as a rather depressing joke. Kebrew's new book, Freedom of Expression: Overzealous Copyright Bozos and Other Enemies of Creativity can be downloaded or purchased.


    The Copyfight: A Documentary About the Copyright Reform Debate by Yaz Santissi looks to be a broader and more academic look at copyright. In an email conversation, Yaz says, "My objective for the copyfight documentary is primarily to stimulate public debate about copyright legislation and inspire activism. The best way to do that is to release it to the general public directly." Yaz is making good on my intentions with Blogumentary and has posted tons of interviews with such luminaries as Laurence Lessig and Siva Vaidhyanathan.

    Bit Torrent Release date: April 3, 2005

    See also:

  • DarkNet
  • Stay Free
  • illegal-art.org
  • FreeCulture.org: an international student movement for free culture

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    George Kelly's Peanut Butter Cracker Edition

    ART = FREEDOM: life after God excerpts a recent Cornell West lecture: Where is the discourse? Where is the outrage? Where is the indignation? Or is it that the sleepwalking taking place has become so normative that we feel as if we can't make a difference. What is going on? Thank God, again for our artists.

    FOTO FREEDOM: San Francisco MUNI protest photos. More on the protest. [via Steve Rhodes]

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    Time to get a life -- pioneer blogger Justin Hall bows out at 31 [SF Chronicle article via]

    Rebecca Blood says,"The trend I think we're going to see more and more in the future is people leaving and coming back."

    Most definitely. The rhythms of life, and our interest in sharing it, ebbs and flows. Crystal took down Space Waitress and moved into a small private space, for now. Rex put Fimoculous on hiatus last year because of too many demands on his time and energy, but came back stronger than ever. I've been really busy with a project - getting paid to setup a corporate blog! - so I've ceased videoblogging but can't wait to get back to it.

    Meanwhile, Justin is offline but seems to be doing much better than he was one month ago. Flip the switch, try an alternate life groove.

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    The cost of ethics: Influence peddling in the blogosphere by JD Lasica

    "Bloggers who take money or other graft and, as a result, write biased, uncritical flattery about people, products, ideas, companies, etc. will ultimately lose their credibility, and along with it their readership and influence"

    Also: Podcasting, music and the law

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    Guitar_solo My kinda solo: Video [4.5 MB Quicktime]

    From Tom Moody who also has nice photos of tv static.

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    Get ready to get pissed. Margaret Spellings, the new Schoolmarm of Education, is trying to keep Buster the Bunny trapped in her white, conservative, middle class, heterosexual bubble. Read all about it at New Patriot.

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    Dailyshow_bloggersJon Stewart tackles the Jeff Gannon debacle and discusses the role of bloggers with Stephen Colbert Ted Hitler... to humorous effect!

    Quicktime [16 MB]

    Flash [15 MB]

    Opinion regarding recent blog events and collisions:: As follows:: I don't think bloggers should be treated as a lynch mob. I also don't think bloggers should act like a lynch mob. Blogs can be a destructive or creative force. They should be a truthful force. They should aspire to elevate discourse and conversation, not debase it. Be critical, but want to make things better. A petty war between old and new media will serve nobody and bring down both houses. We want a better media, big and small. For that, we need respect and cooperation. Stop fighting. Start talking.

    Anil Dash to bloggers: "You're just like the media you hate"
    Peggy Noonan/Wall Street Journal: "The Blogs Must Be Crazy"

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