Chuckscoble Vloggers, beers, cameras, action! Minneapolis geeks were out in full force tonight to greet Robert Scoble, Microsoft's blogger extraordinaire. He's bringing the blog gospel to Target, where my mom has worked since 1969. Scoble (after 3 beers) kindly agreed to an interview for Rocketboom, probably out of his unbridled admiration for Amanda Congdon. Also? Microsoft took care of the tab. Thanks Robert! Thanks Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer! After dinner and beers at Whitey's Saloon we headed over to blogger trivia night at Keegan's Irish Pub. It was nice to catch up with Minneapolis podcast-star Garrick Van Buren and press the flesh with virtual political nemeses (but real life fine chaps) Mitch "Shot in the Dark" and Brian "Fraters Libertas". I can't believe Mitch and Mark "Norwegianity" met face-to-face a couple weeks ago and I missed it. Matter + anti-matter = no fisticuffs? Nope, they got along just fine and had some things in common that transcend political differences. Friends, there is hope for all of humanity. VIDEO: Scoble on Forbes.com

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Tim, Cody, Chuck and I grabbed a drink with Robert Scoble tonight. If you're finger isn't on the pulse of weblogs, Scoble is Microsoft's überblogger. He was in town to start a conversation with Target. I applaud Target for this. There are o... [Read More]

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How many people made it?

Posted by: Rex at May 5, 2005 10:47:47 PM

Dinner was a small gathering, maybe 8-ish? But then more were at Keegan's, which was pretty packed so it was hard to tell who was there for what.

Posted by: Chuck at May 5, 2005 11:34:42 PM

Chuck: good to meet you last night at the geek dinner. I sent you a neat photo of the video shoot.

Tim Broeker

Posted by: Tim Broeker at May 6, 2005 11:39:06 AM

""I can't believe Mitch and Mark "Norwegianity" met face-to-face a couple weeks ago and I missed it""

Baby steps. I wasn't sure how combustible the meeting would be, but I knew they shared strong and similar music interest. It was quite pleasant. I had warned them both the other might be by if they chose to visit my garage that particular evening.

I can think of a few other Left -vs- Right meetings that would bring a whole new meaning to 'nuclear option', however.


Posted by: Flash at May 6, 2005 1:31:12 PM

Wish I could have been there....

Posted by: paul at May 6, 2005 3:21:01 PM

Hey, your blog post is on Scoble's link blog:


Posted by: Kim Berggren at May 7, 2005 6:58:02 PM

Did you happen to notice how BIG Mitch is? Between his size and my weight any fight would result in the last man standing doing hard time.

That and we have a reciprocal agreement based on our having accidentally switched mothers at birth. His, apparently, is some kind of hippy, and mine, as you well know, is a former Iowa Republican county chair.

But yeah, while I'm not sure what Flash is up to, it's not hard to envision all that yellow police tape sealing off his garage as a crime scene...

Posted by: Mark Gisleson at May 10, 2005 12:10:59 PM

Also, I just realized that despite getting an secondary link from an ur-blogger from Redmond, my IE traffic didn't spike...?

Posted by: Mark Gisleson at May 10, 2005 12:34:08 PM

(It all goes back to our mothers, doesn't it?)

That would be Scoble's link blog, which isn't nearly as hefty as his regular blog...

Posted by: Chuck at May 10, 2005 1:35:58 PM

Figgers. Foxfire is kicking butt and taking names right now as the browser of choice among my readers.

Posted by: Mark Gisleson at May 10, 2005 1:37:24 PM