I'd better make good on that Seattle recap, hey?

Seattle rocks. Here we go:

A series of logistical snafus caused me to miss half of Consuming News in the Age of the Blog. Pacific Views has an excellent summary of the entire evening. Our table had some good discussion after having watched Epic 2014, and I was impressed by the mix of bloggers and traditional media folks. It was an important dialogue, one that should be happening in every city and every newsroom.

Ultimately I was frustrated because I had so much to say on these topics. I really wanted to counteract some loud voices saying blogs weren't good for democracy (!), and bring up ample evidence that mainstream media is on the decline and why. These are precisely the folks that need to see Blogumentary. I did make some great connections with people (like IndyMedia co-founder Sheri Herndon) and left a DVD at the Evans School. I know at least a couple people were really interested in seeing it, so I hope they'll pass the DVD around.

Oh! And I finally got to meet Lisa Birk from Roundtable Media. She's the cat's pajamas, and a bag of chips.

If only I had more time. Seattle, I will return to you one day. Meanwhile, here are pics from my visits to the Space Needle and Frye Art Museum.

About a dozen people turned out, courtesy of my own email/blog promotion efforts. (Thanks Michael Hanscomb/Seattlest, Anita Rowlands, Pacific Views, SeattleBlogger.com!)

The smallish crowd actually turned out to be quite lovely for having a good conversation before and after the film. Totally salon-style. With salon-hair. Thanks so much to those folks who turned out, I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you. Check out Bre's cool photos of horses and things: imakethings.com.

Special thanks to David and Jessica at U-Washington's Evans School for giving me the opportunity to have a Seattle screening.

It's always a little disappointing at these things when everyone disperses and I'm left to my own devices in a strange city. Well, not so in Seattle. Receptionista was my savior (or my devil). The night is a blur in my head, but of course she has every little detail here and here. She even digs Mark Ryden and Arrested Developement and... goth lolitas. Amanda is, I believe what you'd call "da bomb, yo." I've heard that language used downtown, and it seems like a very positive statement. That's right, I'm using outdated street language.

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Dude...Resepctionista rocks. Very jealous. You get to have all the Bloggy fun! Must be that sexy camera you're always carrying.

Posted by: Tim at May 15, 2005 10:43:59 AM