Whoa. Will the surprises never cease? Kit Jarrell of euphoricreality.net has an exclusive interview with John Hart, and apparently there's an apology in there. I'm off to read it now - I really hope we're nearing the end of this harrowing tale.
. . . .
Well I am very happy. Please, nobody nitpick over this interview - this is the compromise I've been waiting for. Reach out and touch the olive branch. Particularly:

KJ: Do you feel that you crossed the line at anytime, or do you stand by your actions? JH: Crossed what line? Civility? Yes. I am guilty of being uncivil in my reply to Chuck. It’s a shame, actually. I try to practice what I preach, but you must admit, Chuck’s original email to me was absurd and without merit. Had I the chance to do it over, I would say, “just exactly what is your request? How can I help you alleviate your concerns?” But, hindsight can only help my gatekeeper to learn better civility. Meanwhile, I apologize to Chuck for my initial response. I have rent the garmet of civility I wear, but it can be repaired.

KJ: Currently at 59bloggers.com, your “hellish” demon story is still up. Any plans to take that down?
JH: Yes. It’s time to move on. Let’s make this movie. I’m going to post a request for backing. If it comes, we’ll make the movie. It if doesn’t, hey I can go to my grave knowing I tried. Not trying is worse than failure. And failure is just another stepping stone to success.

And my response:

I accept your apology, John, and I offer you mine: I’m sorry for posting part of your email online. And I’m sorry, in general, for this whole episode. I’m glad you’re taking the current 59bloggers page down and continuing with the project in some fashion. I’ll remove your email from my post. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to do, via email or comment, or via Kit.


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wow.. just got home... this kind of thing makes me love the world and have hope for the future!!!! we can all get along.. good on john and chuck, set that example!!!


Posted by: duncan at Jun 9, 2005 5:25:08 PM

(i'm not sure we set the greatest example but.... ;-)

Posted by: Chuck at Jun 9, 2005 5:28:08 PM

Wonders if this is the sound of people holding their tongues

btw, i'm not actually happy until the "demon drama" page comes down.

Posted by: Chuck at Jun 10, 2005 1:03:39 AM

Wow... what a difference a wee bit of manners and positive thinking
could have avoided.

I'm not sure who's "right", here, but overall, good that it's done now.

Posted by: Jake at Jun 10, 2005 2:42:45 AM

I don't think your e-mail was absurd...but hey I guess he did apologize, even if it was with that little dig.

Posted by: joshleo at Jun 10, 2005 7:45:33 AM

*firmly biting tongue*

Posted by: Sharyn at Jun 10, 2005 8:26:43 AM

*gets Sharyn some cotton balls*

yes, clearly my email was not "absurd and without merit."
but i'm sure glad we have public apologies on the table.
now, if he'd just take that page down...

Posted by: Chuck at Jun 10, 2005 8:46:34 AM

just in time for the weekend!

Posted by: sull at Jun 10, 2005 9:57:30 AM

What I find so great about this entire thing is the role of the public blog, empowered by people harnessing more strength that what often can be hired in attorney fees or done alone. The ability to rally support and action in a matter of seconds on a global scale is an incredible feat and really a testimate to the power a blog can yielf.
A year ago I sent Panasonic the same sort of letter Chuck wrote. I stated my concern for confusion over the name DV Cinema. Sure, the name is a bit loose with regards to it's trademark abilities, but it is the nationaly regestered name of my company. Panasonic held a film fest called DV Cinema, put the name on camera bags, stiched it onto clothing, and the website for the DVX100 used to be panasonic.com/dvcinema
Anyway, I sent the letter, and in very fancy legal language they basically said we are one the biggest companies in the world and that they are just using it as general descriptive language, so leave us alone.
Unfortunately, that was that. I didn't have a larger platform to state my claim than a piece of paper with legal letterhead. I couldn't afford to fight it in court, and my attorney couldn't afford to volunteer services. In the end they agreed to pull the URL with dvcinema (although the content stayed the same - bastards) and they dropped the festival name, but to do it alone with typed letters being fedex'ed back and forth was a daunting and impossible struggle.
Although this blogumentary case is still not fully resolved or settled, looking at this from the outside with regard to the communication over the past 10 years, it is a another incrimental advance in the blog evolution on behalf of both Chuck Olsen and John Hart.

ps- although I passed on registering the US trademark. basically the only question asked was who made money with the name first and in what states.

Posted by: Brian D. at Jun 10, 2005 10:07:34 AM

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend!

Posted by: Chuck at Jun 10, 2005 10:08:46 AM

Brian: Whoa. I remember you going through that, although I don't think I realized the extent of it and how exhausting that must have been, going up against a huge company like Panasonic as one guy.

This has been incredibly exhausting too, but -- at least it hasn't cost me anything (except for the first step getting a trademark, which I didn't *have* to do). Yes, it really is impressive what a group of people can do at lightning speed. Especially people that are all in a community, like the videobloggers who came to my rescue (overzealously, in some cases).

Now John Hart is using a blog friendly to his concerns to get his side of the story out, and essentially act as a mediator to help bring this episode to a close - all without any lawyers being involved. The blogosphere itself is the semi-public sphere in which we act, and which weighs the merits and... delivers justice. Or something. :-)

Posted by: Chuck at Jun 10, 2005 10:24:51 AM

"everybody's going off the deep end - everybody needs a second chance"

Posted by: Brian D. at Jun 10, 2005 10:40:09 AM

"everybody's going off the deep end - everybody needs a second chance"

Posted by: Brian D. at Jun 10, 2005 10:40:35 AM

The GOOD NEWS keeps rolling in.
He has taken down the (defamatory) page and put up a page for the restarted production on 59bloggers.com:

"This project is a movie about the journalists of the New America, the fullness of the spirit of Man and Woman."

Sure. Anyway, I feel so much better. And now, back to the rock.

Posted by: Chuck at Jun 10, 2005 11:00:46 AM

Whoa, that "second chance" lyric never struck me!

Posted by: Chuck at Jun 10, 2005 11:02:59 AM


Brian D. lives. I haven't seen you in ages my man. Hope everything is going well with DV Cinema. Brian is the man, man.

Posted by: Paul at Jun 10, 2005 1:09:15 PM