I spent all night and today trying to install Movable Type on my new Godaddy hosting account. First, they wrongly set me up on a Windows machine with ASP instead of Linux with CGI. That's fixed, but they're CGI is crippled. They also give you very little admin control over your account - certainly no shell login or anything like that.

In essence, Godaddy sucks if you're doing anything beyond simple hosting. I was blinded by the cheap storage and bandwidth. Bluehost is far, far superior.

More evidence that Godaddy has serious CGI issues here and here. I had the same sbox error, and got the same canned response from Godaddy support. Godaddysux.com!

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Yay! I just bought a Bluehost account, and I'm feelin' fine..

Posted by: Juliah at Jul 5, 2005 4:52:56 PM

Yay! I just bought a Bluehost account, and I'm feelin' fine.. Thanks for the info.

Posted by: Juliah at Jul 5, 2005 4:55:42 PM

Yep, my Blogumentary.org space is on Bluehost.
Looks like I might be asking for a refund from Godaddy and jumping to Bluehost - we'll see.

This really sucks because I'm trying to launch a new site, and now I've lost 2 or 3 crucial days to this bullshit.

Posted by: Chuck at Jul 6, 2005 2:32:42 AM

You mean this bullshit nonsense, right?
Good luck getting it all straightened out :-)

Posted by: Sharyn at Jul 6, 2005 11:48:53 AM

Why not just stay with Typepad? Now that they have increased storage & bandwidth? Just Curious...

Posted by: ZuDfunck at Jul 6, 2005 2:32:40 PM

I considered it, and was very close to doing that.
One reason is I need much better stats than TypePad.
I also think videos download a bit slow on TypePad.
I'm basically getting a full hosting account for less than a new TypePad account per month, too. Hey, I'm feeling pretty good about this. :-) Unfortunately I have to deal with installing the script and dealing with this server stuff, but I'm hoping it'll pay off.

Posted by: Chuck at Jul 7, 2005 12:21:43 AM

FYI Markus Sandy had trouble with bluehost, see


I'm with Dreamhost.com and they've been pretty good -- been with them since July 2002

I'm running http://videoblogging-universe.com off of my dreamhost account.

Posted by: ro at Jul 8, 2005 11:25:14 PM

I'm on godaddy. Yeah the admin features suck. i have no idea how to get the subdomains working too. but it's fine for just hosting videos and sites and what not.

But im almost at 3 gb space used now. I'll have one more gigabyte after that. (i have 4gb) :S

Posted by: Ian at Jul 9, 2005 8:20:42 PM

I should say that Godaddy support later bumped the problem up to higher level support and was taking me seriously, and they were polite - but i simply did not have time to waste. I cancelled my account and moved to PowWeb.com and had no problems setting up Movable Type. They're admin interface is really nonsensical and homegrown, but once you figure it out it gives you a lot of control. Also - tons of bandwidth for the price.

Posted by: chuck at Jul 19, 2005 2:22:21 AM

I just went ballistic when I learned that Godaddy was screening our emails "for our own good". I even complained to their CEO but did not get a good feeling. It was enough to push me over the edge and switch to Dreamhost. I wrote a little summary about my experience if you are having second thoughts about Godaddy.

Oh yeah - with Dreamhost they'll give you a free domain reg. as part of the deal. It's yours...

Posted by: Peter at Jul 28, 2005 10:28:42 PM

"It's tough to beat GoDaddy.com for low pricing on domain registration, Web hosting and SSL secure certificates."
- Small Business Computing

I saw this interesting little quote on the gocrappy.com website.Whoever wrote it must of gotten paid off.

Has this person actually used the cheap service, cheap quality, cheap web applications, completely crappy cheap tech support.... etc.

Let's spend a little less on super bowl commercials and a little more on your CHEAP services/support.

Just an example, they farm out certificate services to this company STARFIELD TECHNOLOGIES INC... have fun bouncing from one half/hour wait time to the next -from godaddy to starfield because there cheap webapps don't communicate.... (oh yea, kiss anything you ever knew about customer service GOODBYE ) you finally get to argue with joey justgotoutofhighschool about your problem ON YOUR DIME ( and oh yes there is going to be a problem ) because you know for a fact just "deleting cookies" doesn't solve the problem.

The best thing about their resolution to my particular problem was to UPGRADE my certificate. That way, I could avoid the investigation process of the SSL validation and the domain certificate I renewed 3 weeks prior would work immediately. Apparently the certificate I used with them for a year was not validated correctly( the one they validated, investigated, approved and issued for a year ). I didn't supply the company name or some jibberish to get me off the phone.... unbelievable.

The FAX service has major probs.. I dropped that awhile ago. Oh and have fun with there DNS manager...

ENJOY godaddy.com IT'S CHEAP ! should be your quote. I doubt it would sit well with anyone at godaddy. The truth usually hurts to much to even admit your wrong.

Old wize man say....
YOU GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU PAY FOR. ( buy a domain name, sure... worth it. Any other services and your rollin the dice my friend. Trust me )

Godaddy sucks period.
The thing is , I've been with them from the beginning. Godaddy.com used to be a good company. That's why I did so much business with them through the years and recommended the service. Over the last 2 years the company has gone down the tubes ...

I never thought I'd live to say I miss the Network Solutions monopoly on domain names....

1. They are selling web services like your ordering a big mac at mcdonalds. Running a web site and providing the services you say you can is a little more complicated Mr. Parsons. `Time to invest in your bunk software and stop blogging so much...
2. They count on your "web ignorance" to make excuses for poorly written windows applications that are so buggy and unsupported it's rediculous.
3. One of various tech support kids I talked to today.... "didn't know what a cookie was really" - "but that's what we usually say and it seems to fix any problems" .... huh?
4. The only industry that ... you can buy a product, do everything to apply this product strictly by the directions provided(by the KILLER web app)... PAY FOR THE PRODUCT ... and when it does not work as advertised or instructed they BLAME YOU ... and this seems to be an okay business practice. The web is so new, people are so uneducated about how to use it and there is so much bull^&* involved they are getting away with murder... I think these mega-morons are getting away with too much ....

Posted by: Wiley at Feb 8, 2006 7:11:19 PM

I used to love godaddy, I somehow still do,
but I must say their tech support's gotta be the most useless one on the net.
I remember having a CURL problem the script ran fine on my other servers but had problem to run on the godaddy one.
I contacted them and they kept saying it's my problem i told them to look at the php file that includes shows the problem with their server until the 17th Mail ( yes really the 19th ) then they send me this,

Thank you for contacting Customer Support. Unfortunately,
> these
> > > PHP
> > > > > > > attachments are not coming through the email to us. Please
> > resend
> > > > > these
> > > > > > > files as a .jpg or .txt attachment so that we may better
> > > > troubleshoot
> > > > > > this
> > > > > > > issue. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
> > > > > > >
> > > > > > > Please let us know if there is any other way we can assist
> you.
> > > > > > >
> > > > > > > Thank you,
> > > > > > > Brandon C.
> > > > > > > Customer Care Specialist

It's unbelievable it took them 3 weeks to actually look at the problem.
Then they're like oh, we don't support his feature.
wasted 3 weeks with answers, and they didn't even bother to look at the problem.
Godaddy's tech support is useless.

I also contacted them about data loss when doing the ping and time outs of their server that are shown in the tracert reports.
They replied:
"when exactly are you seeing the oops pages?"

Posted by: oliver at Jul 29, 2006 9:18:39 PM

Long Story Short: Bluehost sucks.
As you can tell from the chat transcript I was trying to be as nice as possible for 2 reasons. I wanted a full refund, and the guy is just a peon in the company.

Richie: Welcome to our real-time support area, my name is Richie, how can I help you today?
andrew: Hi Richie, I need to cancel my account and get a refund. I should be entitled to a full refund seeing as how I did not recieve the service advertised as 99.9% uptime, my domain is ********.
andrew: Unfortunately it was much much lower than that. I’ve had serious downtime these past 2 and a half months and it just isn’t acceptable.
Richie: i apologize for that. If your account is under 30 days then we do offer a full refund… after 30 days is a prorated refund
andrew: What about the 99.9% uptime guarantee as advertised here:
andrew: http://helpdesk.bluehost.com/kb/index.php?x=&mod_id=2&root=15&id=234
andrew: I have been down for probably in the 40-50 hours since joining 2 months ago. You guaranteed only about 8 hours a year.
andrew: That is a serious violation of the contract I entered.
andrew: I am hoping we can resolve and give me my refund fully as good customer service so as not to sour this any more.
Richie: Unfortunately you do not qualify for a full refund, I apologize… I would be happy to cancel your account and give you a prorated refund of $63.44
andrew: Please explain why I do not qualify based on the 99.9% uptime guarantee, it is right there in black and white on your help pages.
andrew: Is it just a blatant lie that will force me to file complaints with the BBB and such.
Richie: We do not offer a SLA (Service level agreement) where you would qualify for a full refund or credit
Richie: I’m sorry.
andrew: So how can you have a guarantee if it is not guaranteed?
Richie: If you read the Terms of Service it makes that fact abundantly clear.
andrew: Bluehost has been in violation of the 99.9% uptime guarantee every month since I joined.
Richie: again, I apologize, and I can understand why you would want to cancel, however you only qualify for a refund of $63.44
andrew: Richie, can you honestly tell me that you would be happy if a company offered you a guarantee and didn’t follow through, then would not make good on it.
Richie: I understand your frustration, however, $63.44 is the amount you would get if you canceled your account today. I truly am sorry.
andrew: I was charged $95.40 for this. And $63.44 is just unacceptable based on the service I have recieved. You are customer service oriented and your company does wish to make good with their customers yes?
Richie: I am sorry that it is unnacceptable for you, I truly am, however, it is what you would receive at this time, and unfortunately this is something that is non-negotiable
andrew: Richie, could you please explain to me what the 99.9% uptime guarantee means if not that I will get 99.9% or you will refund me.
Richie: we guarantee 99.9% or you can cancel your account and recieve a prorated refund
Richie: or if you cancel within 30 days you can receive a full refund for web hosting
andrew: But that was guaranteed elsewhere in the fact that I never entered into a binding contract with you to begin with.
Richie: If you read out TOS you would know that we do not offer any additional compensation above the prorated refund if the uptime is not met
andrew: So your telling me that you won’t show me the great customer service of giving me a full refund(minus the domain of course), instead, you wish to sour me forever to bluehost, forcing me to tell everyone I know and meet not to use you in real life and the internet, resulting in alot of negative publicity for bluehost over, what $25.
andrew: I strongly urge you to check with your manager before deciding this.
Richie: I have. The prorated refund does stand, I am sorry.
*****At this point he cleared the chat transcript so as I couldn't post it(they aren't very smart though, at the end of the session it asks if you want it e-mailed to you*******
Richie: I can take care of it for you now, I only need you to verify the last 4 digits of the CC on the account.
andrew: Very well, that’s the beauty of it I suppose. Not your fault, but Bluehost. I’m sorry you have to work for such a company. I will unfortunately have to initiate a chargeback for the full amount, and post my experience to blogs all over the internet, and tell all my friends and acquaintances to steer clear of bluehost, all over $25. It’s sad really that a company would choose that.
andrew: It’s too bad it will cost bluehost so much more than it will cost me.
Richie: because of the planned chargeback, before we can delete the account you will need to speak with our billing department. They will need to confirm the chargeback before the account is deleted
Richie: our Billing department is here during standard business hours, M-F 9am-5pm (MST)
Richie: you can call 1-888-401-HOST to speak with the billing department
andrew: Is there an e-mail address I should e-mail them at at.
andrew: Or is it live chat.
Richie: You can call, and speak with a billing representative
andrew: No, I don’t believe I will be calling. Not worth the effort to talk to them, this was draining enough. :) Is there an e-mail address?
Richie: billing@bluehost.com
Richie: I am sorry it has been so draining for you…
andrew: It’s ok Richie, not your fault. I did make sure I saved the chat script as we talked so as to post it elsewhere on the internet. Anyway, I honestly wish you have a good night. Like I said, I know companies have policies and all, not the fault of the employee if he does as he’s told.
Richie: Well, I thank you for your understanding
andrew: Good Night! And hey you got paid for 35 minutes without having to work too hard. ;)
Richie: I wish, I get to take phone calls during this time as well. Busy night. Have a good night! :)
andrew: hahaha bye.

Posted by: andrew at Aug 23, 2006 11:54:22 AM

My reply from the CEO of bluehost when I posted the above to his blog:
No where does it say we will give you a full refund, and you most CERTAINLY were not down anywhere near 40 hours. Give me a break! Take your $$$ and go find a different host.

We never say anywhere we will give you your money back after 30 days, so for you to expect that is assinine.

Matt Heaton / Bluehost.com

My reply back:
Check your facts Matt, a few days ago I was on box 126 which was down for over over 26 hours! Unacceptable! I did take my money elsewhere, to lunarpages!

Posted by: andrew at Aug 23, 2006 1:14:18 PM

I'm f.....g upset with Godaddy! That hosting has got to a joke. Bought their Linux shared hosting 2 days ago and I haven't even been able to setup my site yet because those dumb a..ss at support are clueless! They can't answer any basic question you shoot at them. They are invalid!

If we talk about their control panel, I don't know whether to laugh or cry about it; basically a couple of useless tools. I can't believe it! I think godaddy hosting was created just to piss the crap out of people. It is hard to grasp how a reputable, successful company like godaddy (registrar side) could come up with such a crappy service. What a joke!

Godaddy review godaddy reviews. reviews of godaddy web hosting webhosting.

Posted by: chine at Nov 29, 2006 2:43:59 PM

I agree GoDaddy.com sucks!! I hate them and their support is brutal. How the hell do you shut down these idiots that is what I want to know.

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