It's hard to believe I've already been doing Minnesota Stories for 3 weeks. No wonder I'm exhausted! This week has been completely grueling. I'm a one-man internet startup living on Mountain Dew. With the help of my crew (Starfire, Duane Kuss, Media Mike, Green Green Water's Dawn and Jamie, your name here.)

I spent mid-week at the International Symposium on Local E-Democracy [video here]. I filmed it of course, and presented as much videoblog gospel as I could on my panel. I shared the panel with Mayor RT Rybak and Brian from Audio Activism. Brian and I had lots to talk about, and Rybak seemed super into MN Stories, so it was a great time.

I was totally on Rocketboom this week!

There's so much more, but it's all a blur. Right now I'm getting ready for my Eastward field trip... I keep alternating between being shy and gloating about my Harvard Blogumentary screening next week. Sounds like Andrew Baron is going to hookup with me and Steve Garfield in Cape Cod. Did I just say that? Is this my life?

One last note, a very happy one. Every 6 hours, including the wee hours, we've been force-feeding our little kitty Sabby and giving her fluids twice a day. Well, it's paid off. Today the vet said her blood test showed she was basically back to normal, healthy kitty levels. Hooray! Lorika was worried that she'd potentially have to deal with something bad happening to Sabby while I was gone, which would be unbearably hard, but the planets have aligned in our favor.

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By the way, check out Andrew Baron going head-to-head with Michael Rosenblum here.

Posted by: Chuck at Jul 29, 2005 5:08:14 AM

That is awesome about Sabby!

Have a great trip Mr Chuck. Say hi to
Andrew and Steve and steal some Ivy for

I'll have a Free Range Film Fest recap for
MN Stories on Sunday night.

Travel safe.

Posted by: starfire at Jul 29, 2005 7:30:41 AM

oh awesome!
Melody Gilbert, doc-maker extraordinairre, is gonna be up there for Free Range.
have fun.

Posted by: Chuck at Jul 29, 2005 8:06:28 AM