I almost hate to point to this, because it's a very personal situation. This video shows the price of being honest on your videoblog: Losing your kids. Anybody who watches Nathan Peters' videos knows he loves his kids, but then he created a cathartic and disturbing "evil twin" video saying he does nasty things, like locking his kids up for 22 hours. Someone took it seriously and reported him to Social Services. They showed up and found out about his drug use, and perhaps along with the videos had enough cause to take his kids.

This morning I had a really expansive and meaningful conversation about vlogs with Amy, Carl, and Carol and Steve. We talked about bloggers getting fired, and how putting ourselves out there on video may have unpredictable consequences. But the benefits of this global-yet-personal conversation, we agreed, are potentially great for the human race.

Nathan's situation shows that free expression (especially involving illegal behavior) has its costs. I hope Nathan does everything he can to get his life on track to get his kids back.

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Yeah, this video made me cringe. He says that he is paying the price for not being careful. I think he's paying the price for being downright stupid. I hate it that this happened to Nathan, I think he's a kind person, but it may be a needed wake-up call for him.

Posted by: adam at Jul 31, 2005 4:54:44 PM

Have we considered that this could be fiction?

Posted by: starfire at Jul 31, 2005 5:14:53 PM

adam: yep. i hope this wake-up call, horrible as it is, will help him work through his stuff eventually.

starfire: steve g and i were talking about it. it would be killer (and... controversial) performance art. actually it would be shitty. i'm voting for it's real, in spite of past experience with entirely fictional bloggers.

Posted by: Chuck at Jul 31, 2005 6:59:59 PM

word on the street is that it is fictional (inside scoops via the video blogging yahoogroup)

Posted by: Josh Leo at Aug 1, 2005 12:14:50 AM

i just josh wolf's comment: I've been in contact with Nathan about this latest blog post and
while I'm not going to say anything specific, we should remember that
Nathan's vlog has at times been a satirical look at the world around

steve g. and i were talking about this... steve thought the kids saying "please don't let them take me" seemed fake and i agreed. but still i didnt think the whole thing was fake. if it is, as i said earlier, it's really shitty. i may change my mind later, if i understood his motivation, but that would be my initial reaction to that kind of sick manipulation.

Posted by: Chuck at Aug 1, 2005 12:20:12 AM

I was going to keep my mouth shut on this, but I just can't. Maybe it is because I work so closely with kids. I'm all for art, but when do we say enough is enough? Sure...someone will argue that the many so-called artists walk a fine line and even cross it at times for the sake of art. Someone will say that Nathan is just trying to "make a point". When people start using their children to bring attention to themselves, for whatever reason, then it is time for some personal introspection. Whether this is fake or not, I hope Nathan gets some help because either way, he needs it.

Posted by: Tim at Aug 1, 2005 5:11:55 AM

righty-o, tim.

jay dedman just posted this on the videoblogging group: i emailed with him this weekend.
his oldest son went to live with his ex-wife.
he still has his other two kids.

the latest videos are not real.
normally i woulnt spoil people's fun...but i dont want people to worry
about a pretty serious issue.

i guess this was nathan's way of dealing with one of his sons moving away.

Posted by: Chuck at Aug 1, 2005 12:03:09 PM

whoa. this stuff is wild. definitely gripping and heart-beating stuff. i'm not even sure how to feel about this whole scenario, but it feels a little wrong/unhealthy/icky to me. thanks for your post and bringing this up, chuck. and sending some good vibes nathan's way, that must be a very difficult situation.

Posted by: clark at Aug 1, 2005 3:49:38 PM