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I'll be at NAMAC's Taking Liberties conference on a panel. I've never been to Philly. I'm not there long enough to sightsee, but I'm looking forward to seeing Jay Dedman, Ryan Hodson, Michael Verdi, Kenyatta Cheese, and Jen Simmons among others.

Crowded House: Cultivating Community in the Internet Age
What can independent media makers do to continue the communal experience of creating and watching media? How does one tread in a media environment that will increasingly target the home and personal device "experience"?

1:30 - 3:00 pm
Sharese Bullock, Listen Up
Cara Mertes, P.O.V
Chuck Olsen, Minnesota Stories
Ethan van Thillo, Media Arts Center of San Diego
Moderator: Charlie Humphrey, Pittsburgh Filmmakers

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I don't even have time for my first life, let alone Second Life!

Doktor Neurocam visits Aren Mandala's vlog-pad

Dokneuro3The last time I looked into Second Life, it was PC-only. That was both good and bad, because I didn't want to spend all my time flying around and having fun. Actually I did, all too much - you know what I mean. Plus it costed moneys. But now there's a Mac version, and you can play for free. Andrew and Michael Verdi turned me onto it. Verdi even has a floating pad that plays videoblogs in a loop - it's incredible. And he has a spaceship!

Verdi made himself as tall as he could. I spent too much time on my body... I didn't even idealize myself much. I just need to get some cool glasses so that guy really is me. Look at me, I'm all metrosexual.

This all gets me thinking even more about The Singularity, "the moment when humans create a technology more intelligent than themselves." Imagine if I could store some part of myself, my thoughts and knowledge and personality and behaviors, in Doktor Neurocam. Now we really are talking about a Second Life. Wouldn't it be strange if you could interact with this version of myself after I'm gone? I think that would be really cool and potentially entertaining. I've always loved the idea of a funny tombstone... "NO FARTING PLEASE" or "YOU SHOULD SEE THE OTHER GUY." I'd love to make people laugh after I'm dead. Well nowwww you can, with new Second Life!

Food for thought, and for worms.

Bullemhead's "The Singularity" video

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RamnstoriesI haven't been posting here much lately (duh). Why, my BFF sister-site even beat me to the punch on my latest media coverage in The Rake.

Thanks a bunch to Jenny Woods for shining a spotlight on my burgeoning micromedia empire. My favorite line: His “vlog” is rather like a regionalized, abbreviated, video version of This American Life. What can I say? I can die happy now.

Minnesota Stories also got a sweet little mention in Eau Claire, Wisconsin's Volume One magazine, which they kindly sent me. Watch for possible secret collaboration with those folks in the near future.

Next week's Minnesota Stories lineup is already coming together. Watch for more highlights from the Minnesota Music Awards and several contributor videos featuring hawks, mangos, and frog wars.

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Dude. You know Zadi's awesome Katrina video? it landed her in the New York Times Critic's Notebook. I love it. Congrats, Zadi - you captured the zeitgeist.

By the way, the article mentions me, sorta:

Although the band intended the music video as an antiwar protest, Kelefa Sanneh, a pop music critic for The New York Times, pointed out that it also "works pretty well as a support-our-troops statement." One blogger recently posted the Green Day video with the tag "Great Recruitment Video." Maybe he was being facetious, maybe not.

I posted Great Recruitment Video on my vlog, and yes, I was being facetious. Keep in mind this is the most popular and clearly anti-war album to emerge from Bush War II. It should be pretty obvious this video is not a rally call to sign up for broken hearts and possible death in Iraq. More importantly, can we please put to rest the 60's-era notion that "antiwar" is incompatible with "support-our-troops"? Thanks.

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I really love two recent vlog videos reacting to Katrina with music + image + emotion.

  • Zadi (Wake Me Up When September Ends)
  • Michael Verdi (Hail to the Thief)

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    ... and she's dodging invisible rays, an apt title for her sweet-ass new blog. Apt, not only because it's the title of a really pretty Guided By Voices song sung by Tobin Sprout, but because Crystal has dodged a few invisible rays of her own since she last blogged, and is all the stronger for it.

    Calling all aggregators, feeds, bookmarks and curious spiders:


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    Man. You thought I was selling out with my Crapumentary t-shirt, but that was just a joke. This is the real deal.

    "A Prairie Ho Companion" Banned Collectible t-shirt!
    The parody shirt Garrison Keillor's lawyers don't like.

    How could I part with such a rare and now-legendary treasure? Why, because I'm broke of course. Also Rex gave me his blessing. We're naturally curious to see how much this thing will fetch. That $150 "Buy It Now" price is no joke, son. Maybe I should've had Rex autograph the tag?

    Prairie_qt Be sure to watch the hit music video!
    Prairie Disco Companion [Quicktime, 7 MB]
    Features MIDI version of Europe's Final Countdown.

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    That's right folks! I'm making my own Blogumentary parody shirt, before some punkass blogger does. The Crapumentary Ringer T is $14.99, and hello ladies - the shapely Crapumentary Womens Cap Sleeve T is $15.99. These are Hane's combed cotton, mmm so soft and so snarky.

    While supplies last! (i.e. - forever.)

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    I hope I don't get sued for wearing this shirt!

    Oh, how I've been waiting for Rex to make this public. Garrison Keillor is totally suing MNspeak.com over this t-shirt, which the t-shirt page clearly and boldly states is parody.

    It's just plain sad that ol' man Garrison has to bring in his lawyers at the expense of... well, his sense of humor, and the respect of most anybody hearing about this. He can parody his own film, but nobody else can?

    Obviously, nobody buying this shirt is confusing it with A Prairie Home Companion. (Note to Garrison.) Rex says he's on pretty firm legal ground. There is a close precedent in California: Starbucks sued a cartoonist over this t-shirt logo:


    Rex can probably relate to that cartoonist's reaction: "It's beyond absurd... like carpet-bombing an anthill." The judge ruled his parody doesn't infringe on Starbucks' trademark. However, the judge also ruled the Starbucks logo was tarnished because of Dwyer's use of the word "whore." In the end, he was allowed to continue using and distributing the logo but not for a profit.

    Long live parody!


    Pioneer Press: 'Prairie Ho' T-shirts no longer on sale
    Power Line supports Rex, and they're lawyers!
    MetaFilter thread
    Wikipedia entry (scroll down)
    Reason thread

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    Sorry folks. Minnesota Stories exceeded the 10GB daily bandwidth limit yesterday, just a smidge. Dammit, this is all due to FEMA's incompetence! Wait, no... I should have hosted some of the video on other servers knowing Rocketboom was linking to me (and even giving me a nice plug, at the end).

    Ahh yes, the sweet price of success. My account is reactivated but may not be online for 24 hours.

    Lorika and I are headed up to the cabin this weekend and back on Monday. Hopefully there will be a Minnesota Story waiting for you then, with Starfire's help. Au revoir for now.

    Minnesota Stories: Reaction to Hurricane Katrina Relief [Quicktime, 20 MB]

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