Hello blog, it's me. Fonzie. I mean Chuck. I know you don't recognize me. I made a documentary about you guys, once. It's funny now, thinking about all the wild times we've had. And here you are, all moldy and covered in dust and rat poop, but still you wag your tail when I walk in the door. It's fricking adorable. I don't deserve you. C'mere, let's get you cleaned up. Let's go out riding. I don't care if people see us together! Our lips, so close now... so close...

Tonight I felt warm, fuzzy and connected to the local art scene, and all the really cool people making small passionate media in the middle of it. I met some of them tonight, and some of them I already knew. Like: Karen Kopacz [Mental Contagion], Rich Horton [Rift magazine], David DeYoung [How Was the Show.com], Anna Lee [Voltage + lots of local fashion], my man Brian Dehler [DV-Cinema, Sleep Runners], Emma [mpls art], photographer Tobin Russell Brugunnier, Kris Knutson [Robot Love], and other people I'm totally forgetting.

We're all in a similar boat, doing what we love and struggling to find ways to pay for it. I had to leave early, but I meant to suggest an idea: Trading banners and print ads. Let's promote each other. Not all at once, necessarily, but we should band together and support each other. Our audiences have huge overlap, but probably don't know about all the cool arts coverage and exhibition going on in this town. There's a world of possibilities. Excitable life forms bubbling under the surface.

I had to leave this arty gathering early to learn about the McKnight Filmmaking Fellowship. Yes, I could use a cool $25,000 next year. It's tough to get, obviously, and meant for "mid-career artists." Is that what I am? I don't know, but I can make a strong case. I probably shouldn't say anything yet, but that kinda dough could fund a most improbable and absurd cadenza: a Komedy Koven feature film (?!).

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It turned out to be a very good meeting.
traded lots of ideas regarding ads for both print and online. talked about mnspeak's in-line ads and the use of RSS.

chuck. your thoughts of trading print ads and banner space did in fact, become the leading discussion and it actually went further with talk of creating a larger, bigger entity that would operate to promote us indie org's/publishers and sell ad space that would span everyone under its umbrella. sort of a branding for local indie media.

and a Komedy Koven feature? that would be...so choice.
my only suggestion is to hire me to compose a laugh track for the feature.
The laugh track is a wonderful cinematic expressive tool.
rarely used, but always rewarding.

Posted by: brian Dehler at Nov 18, 2005 10:06:22 AM