Check it out. I'm in Sunday's New York Times: TV Stardom on $20 a Day.

Dude. They say I made (possibly) one of the best music videos of the year! Crazy!

Later today I'll get my hands on a New York Times Magazine, which features a screenshot from my Welcome to the Future video. Dude!

New York Times: TV Stardom on $20 a Day.
Rocketboom's Minneapolis correspondent, Chuck Olsen, profiles other people on his main site, Minnesota Stories, but also maintains a video diary called Secret Vlog Injection. One post there uses video that Mr. Olsen shot without permission during an indie-rock concert at a local club. The result records not only a great performance by the band but also Mr. Olsen's argument with the club's manager, who tried to confiscate his camera. The story evolves into a smart, funny discussion of copyright issues and the philosophical difference between the world-views of the vloggers and traditional media companies. "There's no economic motive," Mr. Olsen says in titles that appear on the screen like a news crawl, noting that the viewer is not being charged for the video. "The point is to capture, and share, fantastic, fleeting moments."

The twist is that Mr. Olsen used his stolen images to make what might be one of the best music videos of the year, which could easily have been shown on MTV as an advertisement for the band. But not all vloggers are interested in making video that could be televised.

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When I first saw that video, I thought it ironic that the lyrics went with what had happened with security.

Agree on the overpriced drink comment...

Congrats on the story! You're like a one man PR firm.

Posted by: TaulPaul at Dec 10, 2005 2:50:04 PM

Wow. That is so cool. I remember loving that video and I still do.

Can't wait to get my Times in the morning.

Posted by: starfire at Dec 10, 2005 5:00:53 PM

What's particularly funny and satisfying about this is how much it amplifies my "fuck you" to the Fine Line Music Cafe. :-)

Posted by: chuck o. at Dec 10, 2005 9:59:16 PM

i loved that vlog, and i'm so excited you were in the NY times! and sunday's, which is the best because that's when most of us out-of-towners buy it. now everyone can see it.

Posted by: milk and cake at Dec 11, 2005 10:37:36 PM

The same thing happened to me.

Posted by: steve garfield at Nov 12, 2006 6:11:35 AM