Four Minute Fellini
It’s 10:00 a.m. Have you seen your favorite vlog yet?

Most vlogs that I’ve seen are modeled either on public broadcasting news, network variety shows, or raw home video. Besides Chasing Windmills, very few—in fact, none that I am aware of—are fictional, produced serials. But as more young filmmakers realize that they can simply take the keys of production and the keys of publishing into their own hands, the creative class may yet break free of New York, Hollywood, and even Sundance. Punk rock had the local bar, where you might see a trashy quartet called the Clash, say, or R.E.M., before they got big. As vlogging becomes more common, we may get to see the next generation’s Coppola or Fellini or Wes Anderson while their short, self-produced flicks are still playing on the local podcast.

A great article by The Rake's editor, Hans Eisenbeis. I've been raving about Chasing Windmills to every reporter I've talked to in the last few months, hoping someone will get that this is a BIG DEAL. Especially for the film community, which is just ripe for a bottom-up revolution. Congrats Juan y Cristina!

See also: Four Eyed Monsters vlog and CM's behind-the-scenes blog.

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There are lots of vlogs that are fictionalized serials. Check out HelpMyPatients.com, Tikibartv.com. There is one that I can't now remember the name of, the creators of which got jobs writing for big time TV even.

Posted by: Diane at Mar 6, 2006 8:03:30 AM

Here's another vlog for you to check out. It's a daily three-minute fake news show. Would love to get your feedback. www.theointment.com


Posted by: Steve Tatham at Mar 7, 2006 4:59:25 PM

(I'm always surprised anyone still reads my blog!)

Thanks for the links -- I also forgot about Bathtub Yoga which I'd seen when they popped on in the Yahoo videoblogging group. And of course TikiBarTV is huge - I don't really watch it, but my impression is that there isn't an ongoing narrative going on like there is with CM - but please correct me if I'm wrong.

I'd never seen HelpMyPatients.com. I think it's a fairly original concept, and feels more native to the vlog format because it invites the audience to participate and affect the direction of the show (the patients' treatment) which I'm a *HUGE* fan of. Looks like it has pretty decent production value. I watched a couple and can't say it really grabs me... something's missing. Maybe I need to watch more to get into it?

I've never seen The Ointment either. Hilarious name btw. I really love the constant heavy metal undercurrent, juxtaposed with host Steve in a suit. Do you do this all yourself Steve? It looks like you have a great camera and lighting. Obviously any fake news vlog will get compared to Rocketboom. Some people don't think Amanda is very funny, and likewise I barely cracked a smile at the few Ointment episodes I watched. But you've got a really strong identity and style going; it's very snappy and I like it.

All these vlogs are very different, and it's exciting to see people experimenting with the form. It's hard for me to wear both my "critic" hat and my "media empowerment guy" hats. I'll just say that Chasing Windmills is doing something different than anything else I've seen. They've spent a great deal of effort and talent creating their world, with characters that are growing and struggling and a plot that weaves and evolves over time. It's the most film-like vlog I've ever seen, with the notable exception of Four Eyed Monsters. Again -- I'm not saying that's a better form, but comparing it to TikiBar TV is sorta like comparing Hal Hartley to That 70's Show.

Posted by: chuck at Mar 7, 2006 9:47:05 PM

Thanks for watching. Yes, I do it all myself... Hopefully I can get you to crack a smile. I'll take that on as my personal mission.


Posted by: Steve Tatham at Mar 21, 2006 2:13:42 AM

ok ok, i surrender... "i got a bad case of spring fever" made me laugh out loud. :-)

Posted by: chuck at Mar 21, 2006 4:34:11 AM