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Hello, It's Me

666 to you!

Welcome to the yearly blog update from your pal, Chuck. Yes, this has become one of those blogs. You know, those sad tumbleweeds of (0) Comments and "Mood" icons where the most recent posts all say "I don't have time to post right now, but..."

So I'm not going to tell you about my sweet trip to the Chicago Apple Store for Meet the Midwest Vloggers. Or why I bought a black Sturgis shirt with an eagle on it on the way back, and stuffed a warm ham-and-cheese bagel sandwich under that shirt, along with my dirty socks. (Hint: Megabus - you get what you pay for!)

I'm sure not going to talk about any kind of fun at my birthday BBQ, or about all the cool peeps that showed up. I mean really, why would you care about that? Why aren't you getting a bikini wax or something?

Lastly, I shant bore you with how stressed/excited I am to smother myself in Vloggercon in SanFran later this week. Or about all the crazy video forks I have in the fire. Or about what mood I'm in or what music I'm listening to.

Well okay: Built to Spill, "Goin' Against Your Mind" and Grandaddy, "Rear View Mirror."


(PS - My interview with Jon Rawlinson of the Nata Village blog will be featured on Rocketboom Wednesday. Assuming I finish editing it, and sleep, and stuff. Urgh. URGH.)

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Hmm - what about your experiences with Megabus - I've been thinking about taking it from Minneapolis to Chicago!
(Glad to hear you are still alive and kicking ;-)

Posted by: Roger at Jun 6, 2006 3:08:38 PM

Hello Chuck--THanks for the awesome party! You're backyard is beautiful, and we had loads of fun!-Damn, even the margharita-in-a-bucket was memorable (such a treat!)
--On a Sturgis note, you should have hit Brian up for a shirt, heck he may still have some left over from being there for the Reality Show that got Shot Down for Discovery. He was there filming and had nothing to do but buy beer and shirts!

Posted by: Rena at Jun 6, 2006 3:46:53 PM

oooookay, Megabus. it's a good deal financially of course. the ride down was just fine, a little cold.

the ride up was a bit of a disaster. no heat. i think they disabled they heat thinking it was warm enough, but after driving in frost-worthy temperatures for hours, the bus was FREAKING COLD. that's why i bought the Sturgis shirt and a warm ham-n-cheese sandwich to keep me warm. of course now, you'd be hoping they have air conditioning.

the other problem? the bus driver, who talked to himself constantly, started falling asleep at the wheel. i was asleep myself and woke up to the bus hitting the gravel. i didn't know what happened but another passenger said he had been dozing off. yeah, so not good!

Rena -- so nice to see all you guys, and i'm glad y'all had fun! yeah, i'm down with the margarita bucket. but i think 1 Sturgis shirt is plenty. :-)

Posted by: chuck at Jun 6, 2006 7:41:27 PM

I'm just rediscovering Grandaddy - remember that song "Now it's On?"

Posted by: Kylark at Jun 8, 2006 2:35:49 PM