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Clown in a Parking Lot

Business Week's Heather Green has a new article about YouTube, copyright, and making money: Whose Video Is It, Anyway?

She contacted me for the article, and here's what I said:

When I upload videos to YouTube, I feel like an old-timey clown trying to sell my balloon tricks in the Six Flags parking lot. People back home think my wares are entertaining, but the kids are running around from one cheap thrill to the next. Also, I'm pretty sure they kick me when they run by. I can only hope that my tags will lure in some unsuspecting YouTube surfers and make them happy.

Minnesota Stories may not be the best material for YouTube, but my next experimental comedy vlog might fare better. It's called "Eskimo Witch" and you bet I'll be uploading it to YouTube. It's an unlikely crapshoot, but what's another 10 minute upload if it spawns thousands of new fans? That could turn into a business model, or a call from MTV. Or at least a mortgage check.

I might reconsider now, and only upload to Revver since you can actually make money there. At the same time, I'm not sure I'd want to give up the YouTube exposure. Oh, what to do with my nonexistent high-demand videos? So far, one of my hit videos is Negativland's Mark Hosler on Copyright. It's hosted on Blip.tv and has over 51,000 views.

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"Eskimo Witch"?! Really??
Isn't that something like "Washington Redskins" or "Fighting Sioux"? Perhaps "Paddy Wagon" might be a better catchy name to use for making money.

Posted by: Rich at Jul 30, 2006 2:11:11 AM

i don't think so... here's a bit more about the name. there's actually no such thing as an Eskimo witch. it's putting two unexpected words together. a bit mysterious and absurd. plus it sounds cool. :-)

Posted by: chuck at Jul 30, 2006 11:24:32 PM