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Protests in South Korea

Hey look! It's my long lost post from a Korean DVD/bookstore + cafe. This post was lost during some TypePad weirdness, but apparently came back as a draft post. I'll have a video about all of this in the next week.

Here's what I did today:


Riot police block streets in S. Korea

Don't worry! I left before the rally actually started. This photo is from the Washington Post. But, I've never seen to many police in my life. Certainly not riot police. Hoooooly crap.

Your intrepid citizen journalist was on the scene and talked to some Korean students who attempted to explain why they were there, and an American student who filled in the blanks. Most of the protesters were farmers, angry that their livelihoods were about to be destroyed by the Free Trade Agreement engineered by the United States. Stay tuned...

ps - I'm soaked to the bone. It's monsoon season. At some point in my fliming I lost my umbrella, but when I took shelter in an apartment lobby, the security guard gave me a nice sturdy umbrella as a way of saying "Please leave now."

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Riot police tried to prevent the two marches from joining.

Posted by: Kelly at Jul 26, 2006 10:54:43 AM