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Rocketboom :-(

I've spent the last 4 days trying to get Amanda and Andrew to come together, but... it's too far gone.

• It's a hoax - No.
• They were an "item" - No.

As the drama was unfolding, I made a little photo opera called The Situation. It was cathartic.



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I guess they did not achieve the desired state...

Posted by: Sharyn at Jul 5, 2006 10:53:08 AM

I'm stunned. I don't even know what to say.

Posted by: Erica at Jul 5, 2006 11:41:14 AM

"They were an "item""


If people only knew ;)

Posted by: David Howell at Jul 5, 2006 1:41:27 PM

Drama? "but... it's too far gone."? Please. The way you and Andy Carvin have written about the "break up" makes it sound like a failed junior high romance. Instead of the drama how about putting those reporting skills to work and telling people what happened. What were the differences? Why did those differences arise? How long have they been arguing? What did they do to address those issues? Etc. Telling that story would be interesting. Vague, overly dramatic remarks aren't.

Posted by: Anomalous at Jul 5, 2006 2:28:49 PM

Anoma, well I suppose you're right. It is very much like a divorce, and the RB correspondents are like the kids. We've privately seen a whole lotta shit hitting the fan and it's very emotional and (duh) dramatic. These are our friends. We are sad. I don't give a flying fuck if that's not interesting to you. Why are you so interested, if it's not interesting?

It's remarkable that about a dozen people knew about this, and not a single one of them leaked it. Amanda posting this video was the first public announcement. We were trusted to keep it "in the family" so to speak. I guess we have no obligation to do so now, but my first instinct isn't to spill my guts about everything -- my first instinct is to (a) mourn, and (b) prevent the spread of false rumors.

My third instinct, I suppose, is that the story should be told. That requires a lot of time and energy to talk to everyone involved. Paid reporters have the luxury to be on the case, and I'm sure we'll chime in soon enough.

Posted by: chuck at Jul 5, 2006 2:47:52 PM

Now that's what you should have written in the post! Thanks for being more forthcoming. I'm sure this is an emotional time for all involved.

Posted by: Anomalous at Jul 5, 2006 3:30:14 PM

I'm a little confused. Is this a rumor or the truth?

Rocketboom: "Amanda Congdon has decided to move to L.A. to pursue opportunities that have arisen for her in Hollywood."

Posted by: Moe at Jul 5, 2006 4:45:18 PM


please, when you feel like you can, go for "b". Go for "b"!!!

Rumors are flying around and landing in funny places and I keep stepping in them. They are gross and stinky.

Posted by: missbhavens at Jul 5, 2006 4:47:21 PM

Amanda has been planning to move to L.A. for some time.
She is not there now, and probably isn't able to move there at the moment.

Part of their dispute involved and was triggered by Amanda's impending LA move. She was going to produce some shows in LA, while others were produced in NYC and by the correspondents. A number of proposals were discussed, but ultimately their personal/creative differences overpowered any solution.

I'm sure she will get there and find or create new projects. Likewise, Rocketboom will find a way to survive or reinvent itself.

Posted by: chuck at Jul 5, 2006 4:51:43 PM

It's strange how many people assumed Amanda and Andrew were a couple...

Posted by: chuck at Jul 5, 2006 5:14:07 PM

Hi Amanda,

Listen, we're totally with you in making a move to the west coast. I recently moved from Newport Beach myself (man, you have NO IDEA how gorgeous life can be until you live in 65-75 degree, 2mph coastal breeze, cool dialogue at Deitrick's, funny people all around, 3rd Street Promenade people watching, killer Bev Hills Hotel martinis... the whole shebang).

But the real reason for my post is that my business associates and I have been looking for a way to harness your talent and our pervasive presence on the web, and really, really make a groovy show of it, that works for you and gives you the rockin' platform you seek. (you have to say that last sentence like Derek Zoolander, OK?).

Let me know your thoughts, and let's rap on this if you're interested.
Mark Alan Effinger
[email protected]

Posted by: Mark Alan Effinger at Jul 5, 2006 6:11:02 PM

I always assumed she was too cute for a behind the scenes geek like Andrew!

Sad day for vlogs though. Maybe it's time for mnspeak to get a big map and do a local news show!

Posted by: Moe at Jul 5, 2006 6:12:26 PM

Hi Amanda,

In case the above amde you snore, here's the short-winded version:

You're on the West Coast.
So are we.
We love what you do, and who you are.
And we have a killer platform and 50,000,000 monthly eyeballs.
We have a Venice Beach office we might be able to transform.

We're great people, and are sincerely interested in working together.

Can we talk?

Lemme' know.

Warmest regards,
Mark Alan Effinger
[email protected]

Posted by: Mark Alan Effinger at Jul 5, 2006 6:17:06 PM

Mark I hope you realize you're competing with Jason Calacanis. but, good luck with that dude! (imagine that in the voice of Pauly Shore. no reason.)

Anomalous: yep, sorry i got snippy!

Posted by: chuck at Jul 5, 2006 6:44:21 PM

That offer from Calacanis is huge. I'd love to see him get Amanda and zefrank, just to see what could come of it all.

Posted by: Moe at Jul 5, 2006 7:35:35 PM

MNspeak local news...?

*ears perk up*

Posted by: Erica at Jul 5, 2006 9:08:03 PM

We are really sorry to hear & read the bad & sad news about our vloger colleagues at Rocketboom. Too bad…really sad news. A message to you; Amanda and Andrew you guys were doing just a fine job together…you were making history in video-blogging. I wish you (both of you) all the best and I hope each one of you continue with your professional endeavors. No matter what…don’t give up, because people like you are making the difference..., you, we and them are changing the world of mass media, and much more still is to be done, much more. Don’t let the money and the egos ruin this revolutionary process, your dreams and aspirations need to be continued. I guess, we will see you later around the cosmic blogosphere…Cheers, W-

Posted by: Wilmer at Jul 5, 2006 9:35:48 PM

Amanda's posted her side of the story... The offer from Calacanis must look really nice from her parents' house in Connecticut.


Posted by: Brian at Jul 5, 2006 10:53:24 PM

I don't see any mention of Amanda or RocketBoom on http://www.aol.com/ or on http://www.netscape.com/

So how can Jason say "You're on the top of the talent pool on the Web and you should get compensated for what you've done" when AOL-Time-Warner doesn't give Amanda or the RocketBoom story a headline?

Posted by: paul at Jul 6, 2006 7:41:21 AM

Its a blow, but like I learned this weekend, stasis is death. We need to evolve and change to progress.

Posted by: range at Jul 6, 2006 9:27:22 AM


Thanks for all you have done. Amanda and Drew are clearly major talents and they will move on to successful projects. I know Drew will remain active in the blogosphere and I hope Amanda does too.

The still of your cell phone speaks volumes.

Posted by: ironic1 at Jul 6, 2006 9:30:10 AM

i was wondering what that little flower photoset was all about...

Posted by: Duncan at Jul 6, 2006 9:36:47 AM

Thanks Chuck for setting a lot of this straight. I enjoyed RB on my TiVo... the whole thing is a bummer. (cool photoset, by the way)

Posted by: Jason at Jul 6, 2006 8:56:22 PM

glad y'all liked lori's flowers combined with my camera. :-)

RB will still be on your Tivo as far as I know.
Check out Rocketboom on Monday -- seriously!

Posted by: chuck at Jul 6, 2006 9:12:23 PM

I think one of the big problems here was that Amanda and Andrew were spending a lot of energy on denying what the other one had just said, rather than identifying areas of agreement that could be built upon for re-establishing trust. Like Chuck said, there's a weird divorce-like vibe going through this whole experience. Chuck's been a hell of a lot more involved with rboom than I have, but experiencing the back-and-forth on the correspondents list for the last two weeks was really stressful and upsetting. There's nothing worse than seeing two people you respect and care about going at each other's throats, knowing there's little you can do to ameliorate the rift.

And like Chuck, I've got to give credit to everyone on that list who watched the fight play itself out. Every time I got an email from one of them, I cringed at the thought that someone on the list would blow a gasket and bcc copies of the emails to Wired or BoingBoing. But this may now be a moot point, since Amanda posted a copy of one of these email exchanges on her blog today. I hope this will die down quickly or more of them may surface. And it will be ugly.

Posted by: Andy Carvin at Jul 6, 2006 10:04:04 PM

oh jesus...tell them to kiss and make up Chuck. (sorry looks like you already tried) This whole thing is really stupid.

Posted by: taulpaul at Jul 7, 2006 1:32:36 AM

Too late. Chuck tried his damnedest, as did many others. It just wasn't meant to be.

Posted by: Andy Carvin at Jul 7, 2006 8:08:50 AM

I noticed this entry came up today on RB in the motage of articles related to the break up. And, yes, I am just geeky enough to slow down the montage to see exactly what they chose to put up there.

Posted by: ironic1 at Jul 12, 2006 9:54:43 PM

Too bad Amanda and RB didn't last. Sometimes, though, a person can be the sole identity of a successful entity, as RB has become. Although this was a pioneering effort, it needed more time to jell. The concept will live on, but the RB that was, will be what is remembered. RB, Rest In Peace.

Posted by: John at Jul 17, 2006 5:33:16 PM

Too bad Amanda and RB didn't last. Sometimes, though, a person can be the sole identity of a successful entity, as RB has become. Although this was a pioneering effort, it needed more time to jell. The concept will live on, but the RB that was, will be what is remembered. RB, Rest In Peace.

Posted by: John at Jul 17, 2006 5:33:27 PM

hey John, you might not want to call the coroner just yet -- RB is going strong!

Posted by: chuck at Jul 17, 2006 7:05:06 PM