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Congrats, CollegeHumor.com dudes


The fine gents behind CollegeHumor.com have reportedly sold a majority interest to Barry Diller for over $20 million. Whoa. I met Ricky, Jakob, Zach and Josh when they were kind enough to host a private Blogumentary screening in their swank TriBeCa loft at the Jan. 2005 Vloggercon. Jakob hooked that up, being an avid vlogger (he started Vimeo) and all-around sweet-ass dude.

They also commandeer the mothership of all funny t-shirt sites, Busted Tees. Idea: A t-shirt that simply says, "PANTS".

By the way, the public NYC premiere of Blogumentary is happening August 30 - more details imminent.

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Whoa, that is pretty sweet. I'd like to be Ricky, Jakob, Zack, or Josh right about now...

What's funny is that i made my very own shirt that said "Pants" on it before those shirts came to be (or at least be popular). I have not idea why, I just thought it'd be funny. Perhaps they stole that idea from me? Hmmm, I think that entitles me to a cut of the profits...

Hey, are there going to be multiple screenings in NYC? The Carleton CAMS seminar will be in NYC from Sept 11-Oct 2. You should get another screening in!

Posted by: Karina at Aug 16, 2006 12:27:33 PM

oh cool -- well, if the people DEMAND BLOGUMENTARY maybe it could happen! (PLEASE NOTE: Highly unlikely)


Posted by: chuck at Aug 16, 2006 12:46:13 PM