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Thank you friends


The Blogumentary screening was a raging success last night. As I said at the screening, I was happy to see each and every one of you, faces familiar and new. Thanks also to Ray Privett at the Pioneer Theater for putting this whole series together, and to Andrew for letting me crash at his place and promoting the screening on Rocketboom. Ray said the links from RB and Amanda probably helped get a bunch of last-minute tickets sold. Yay! Tickets = people.

Oh, how I love my New York City, and how I love my friends. And I still love my scrappy little ragtag film. So strange to see it getting renewed attention and interest, from old and new media.

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Welcome Rocketboomers

The screening is tonight! Get the lowdown at blogumentary.org.

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I leave for NYC shortly (THE BIG SCREENING). I checked the Travelocity site for the latest travel alerts, and found this:

Northwest Faces Possible Flight Attendant Strike

Northwest Airlines may face random, unannounced strikes dubbed CHAOS (Create Havoc Around Our System) throughout its flight operations from its flight attendants starting August 25 if a new contract agreement is not reached between the airline and the union representing the flight attendants.

How about CHAOS: Can Honey Arrive On-time Safely? Please?

Also, tsa.gov brutally crashes Safari. I feel much safer now, knowing you can't provide a safe browsing experience. Thanks government!

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I Want Chumby

Chumby! An alarm clock. A Flickr photostream display. A podcast commooglator.

I would love to make artsy ambient little Chumby videos to encourage waking up or going to sleep.

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I made the list!

What list, you ask? This one: 10,000 Reasons Civilization is Doomed

Reason #1746: The movie Blogumentary
By Tredanse on August 24, 2006

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Clockwork = Great Place to Work

Okay, everyone needs to see our Clockumentary video. Why does this agency video have like 80,000 views? We're way cooler than those guys.

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Generation Vlog article

From the Star-Ledger in New Jersey, Generation Vlog: A new breed of filmmaker has emerged from the computer monitor (and even the iPod) onto the big screen as part of a breakthrough digital film series

I wish I could see the newspaper version which probably has pretty pictures. They talk about the Vloggers Unite! series @ The Pionner Theater, especially LOL and Charlene Rule's Scratchvideo.tv. Here's my blurb:

The value of blogs comes into question on Wednesday with "Blogumentary," a doc that takes a hard look at the ways in which blogs affect our politics (think Joe Lieberman), our media (Huffington Post) and our relationships (MySpace and Friendster).

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San Diego next?

Demand it!

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Thanks for the post, Jeff!

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Thanks for the link, my honorary Minneapolitan blog brother.
(Trivia: He used to work at B-swing back in the day.)

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