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MPR on Real-life Vlogger Meetups

Minnesota Public Radio: Internet video bloggers connect in the real world

The lovely and inspiring Jan McLaughlin passed through these parts last week on her Rode Node 101 - The Midwest tour. MPR was on the scene at Cafn8ed in Watertown, MN. Norskey vlogger Klaas captured it, and Cory Vandenberghe of Micro Beer podcast was also on the scene.

One of the topics of conversation: "WHERE'S CHUCK?" Yes, it's true, I couldn't make it and I feel bad about that. That was the one week out of the year we most look forward to, and plan for months, gathering with our friends at Lori's family cabin. I didn't do much with computers or video cameras until the last day, for a little Minnesota Stories nature video. My apologies especially to Jan; it's always a treat to see her. It sounds like she learned a lot about making coffee and Minnesota Nice.

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