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Revver up, Revver down

I was just getting into Revver.com when suddenly the site goes down completely. Power outage, perhaps? Or maybe it's somehow related to the $12.7 million it just secured from Comcast and Turner Broadcasting.

UPDATE: They're back up. And honestly? I'm willing to give them a break as they scale up, because right now it's the best vlog revenue site going.

Meanwhile, YouTube overtakes MySpace.

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That happened to me three times in two days when I used them to host a video and their customer service was so slow to respond to my complaints. When I did hear back I was told their system "wasn't ever down" in the first place.

I'm not using them anymore that's for sure.

Posted by: Amanda at Aug 2, 2006 8:12:30 AM

I racked up a few bucks using them over the last year and feel what the hey...

good exposure and revenue also!

Posted by: ZuD at Aug 2, 2006 2:27:51 PM

gosh, i need to figure out a way to bring in more money. i mean, besides getting a better job...

Posted by: thehoneybunny at Aug 2, 2006 8:16:39 PM

oh dear... yeah, i was wondering how someone like Ze Frank or you (Amanda) would deal with this outage(s). Bad customer service on top of outages usually = dealbreaker.

I'm currently raking in $0.38 from Revver. :-) Perhaps Lulu will fare better.

Posted by: chuck at Aug 2, 2006 10:03:46 PM

Any thoughts on Google video?
If looks like it could have huge potential, more so if they allowed individuals a share of the revenue.
Currently only those posting more than 1,000 hours have the rights to charge per download or earn profit shares.

Posted by: Brian Dehler at Aug 2, 2006 10:56:53 PM

I've never liked Google video. They botched it from the start,
made it ugy and hard to upload video. They've gotten better,
but if they're not letting everyone make $$ on their content
that shows they don't understand the long tail and are not being smart.
All they have to do is not pay out until a person earns $100 or whatever
like AdSense.

Yeah, huge potential though.

Posted by: chuck at Aug 3, 2006 3:42:02 AM

Every site experiences some down time here and there. It's part of the trials of beta. We appreciate your understanding as we scale up to handle our rapidly-growing user base and forge ahead toward the launch of our 1.0. Hope you'll keep testing us out in the meantime.

- Micki, REVVER

Posted by: Micki Krimmel at Aug 7, 2006 3:23:53 PM

Thanks Micki! I will.

Posted by: chuck at Aug 8, 2006 11:23:46 PM