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Alan Fine: A Shameful, Divisive Republican Tool

I should endeavor to be more like... a buddhist, perhaps. Or more like Keith Ellison, who has remained positive in the face of adversity. I generally try to avoid negativity in my life, especially ugly political negativity. There's so much of it in the world, and my energies are best spent on my work, my creative projects, and my personal life.

Pullups_002_1But. When this kind of ugliness is in my own backyard - both my physical neighborhood and my virtual neighborhood - I simply can't ignore it. The ugliness I speak of is Alan Fine, the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in my congressional district.

Well, okay... he's actually pretty good looking. And as you can see here, can do a number of pull-ups. I bet he's a nice guy in person, just like far-right Republican bloggers John Hinderaker and Michael Brodkorb. The problem? He sold himself to people in my district as a moderate Republican. Heck, the guy rides an electric scooter, is pro-choice, and dabbles in poetry and music. He claims world peace is a priority. But the moment genuine peace candidate Keith Ellison won the primary, Fine ripped off his sheep's skin and the conniving wolf dumped a huge pile of slanderous crap on his new opponent. WTF? What's worse, his talking points are passionately plagiarized from the aforementioned far-right blogs and, probably, the playbook of Karl Rove and Ron Carey.

This new Alan Fine suddenly can't say the name "Keith Ellison" without saying the name "Louis Farrakhan." He actually held a press conference with the express purpose of firing a scripted barrage of lies and half-truths at Ellison, and apparently to scare sympathy votes from people afraid of black people and/or Muslims.

"I'm personally offended that this person is a candidate for U.S. Congress. He is unfit to represent the voters of the Fifth District. ... He is the follower of a known racist, Louis Farrakhan ... a person who believes that the white man is the anti-Christ, a person who believes that Jews are the scourge of the Earth. ... His selection is an embarrassment to our district, our state, our country and our world"

Listen to his words yourself, and read Ellison's noble response, at Polinaut. It's no wonder Fine's media page is frozen in time before unveiling his trojan horse trick.

He continued the vicious attack in 5th District debates. What really set me off was trying to listen to him fire off all the bullets given to him by the Republican party at the start of this MPR debate. Alan Fine is parroting right-wing bloggers attempts to label Ellison a racist or terrorist. Fine is getting in line behind the GOP's ominous election plan of going personal and negative. He accused Ellison of joining a "hate group" interested in "the destruction of our country." This is a stupid strategy that shows Fine is spineless and shameless. It's blowing up in his face, and rightly so. Had he run a moderate, respectable and independent-minded campaign, we would have remembered him as someone to watch - perhaps the new face of the Minnesota Republican party. Plus, he would have won some moderate votes in the 5th district.

Now, we remember Alan Fine as a divisive, hateful figure. A tool of the increasingly desperate and extremist right-wing Republican machine. This machine has nothing to offer and nothing to lose, and it's ripping our country apart.

Me? I'd rather remember the feeling I had at Ellison's victory party. The new face of Minnesota all gathered around, people of all ages and colors and backgrounds, chanting: Love! Love! Love!

For the best coverage of Fine and Ellison, visit AHS, MN Publius and James Clay Fuller.

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I should mention: One of the reasons I wrote this post here, besides needing to vent, is so that my substantial Google juice will push this information up in the search results. Anyone searching for more info on Alan Fine should learn about his disgusting campaign tactics.

Posted by: chuck at Sep 17, 2006 6:53:21 AM