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Craig Finn interview

Fader magazine
Florida is crazy. You can see some crazy stuff go on. There was this dude who was hanging out, it seemed like he was hanging out a little too long, he was just asking me some questions and all of a sudden he leans in close and goes, “I can get you any drug you have ever heard of in ten minutes, right here.” And I was like, “No thanks…oh actually, do you have any weed?” And he just pulls it out of his pocket, it wasn’t even bagged, he just has weed. And I was like, “Oh OK, do you want some money?” And he was like, “For this? Nah.” I guess it was too small of an amount to bother with. I was like, “OK, could you please go away?”


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Fictional Commerce

I just bid on a fictional character's tweed jacket on eBay.

After watching episode 2 of the new season of Chasing Windmills, Lori and I rushed to eBay to see if the jacket was really there. Search on Adolofo...click... there it is! We clapped and cheered. Totally brilliant.

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Glam, Fame, Scandal, etc.

Hello homies. Long time since I rapped at ya. This has been the busiest, most sleepless time of my ass-kicking life. Here's what I've been up to -- you can read it right here on my blog!!

• Shooting and editing videos for Mpls St Paul magazine. This includes videotaping such crazy activities as fashion shows, super famous pop stars in bad lighting conditions, an hanging out in the recording studio with Heiruspecs.

• Almost every day I get tapes FedExed from vlog megatalentress Amanda Congdon. I eat those tapes, close my eyes, and concentrate for several hours overnight. Around the time most people are eating a bagel at their desk, I'm gently regurgitating a masterpiece. (Huh?) Check out all the action at AmandaAcrossAmerica. She's totally driving a Ford hybrid SUV across this land and interviewing world-changing people. Sometimes she shows up at parties with Al Gore and stuff.


• Political scandal. What, you don't pay attention to the boiling cauldron of Minnesota politics? Your loss. It's gotta be better than whatever drama is on TV, until Lost starts. This time, it's the U.S. Senate race: Klobuchar aide loses job for viewing leaked Kennedy ad sent by liberal blogger Noah Kunin. Lots of claims of "hacking" and "stealing" were thrown by bloggers and media of all stripes, leading me to make this Investigative Report video which was mostly shown on TPT's Almanac. I also did more investigating and debunking on New Patriot, all of which led to getting interviewed for this Strib article and much huffing from right-wing bloggers. WHEW! And it's still not over, though I think everyone is ready to move on. I still have a comprehensive video to make about the whole affair that will dispell a lot of disinformation and likely be an ongoing series of some sort.

• Just shoot me! I'm doing what I've always wanted to do. My dreams have come true. But still, I need you to shoot me. In the ear or the butthole area would do just fine -- thanks.

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Josh Wolf Interview

Josh Wolf is back behind bars. I just finished editing this interview with him for AmandaAcrossAmerica.com.

HUFFINGTON POST: A Last Meal with Josh Wolf

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Okay, I take it back

So there's this big news story out today... Unfinished Tolkien work to be published in '07: Christopher Tolkien has spent the past 30 years working on "The Children of Hurin," an epic tale his father began in 1918 and later abandoned.

I found out about this story because my blog is getting absolutely hammered with hits to this post: CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN IS A BIG PRICK. You see, that post is one of the top search results for "Christopher Tolkien." I turned off comments on that post long ago, but I'm sure a lot of people are wanting to tan my hide. Oops! That's why I'm more deliberate in my post titles these days.

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She's Baaa-aaack


Amanda, Day 01 (Or... what happens if Amanda is left in her room by herself with a camera.)

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More Banksy


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RSS, standby

Sorry if you're using my Feedburner feed. Something screwed up, I think after I tried connecting Typepad to my Feedburner feed.

The feed to use is now:


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Amanda... Across America!

I'm thrilled to announce Amanda Congdon's new project: AmandaAcrossAmerica.com!


Of course the REAL announcement was at the Blip.tv/PalTalk kickoff party in NYC. Check out the surprise guests and lots of photos.

Yes, Amanda and Mario are finally making their trip to Los Angeles, California. And hey, why not make it into a sponsored vlog trip, drive a hybrid vehicle and interview fascinating people about the environment along the way? Brilliant. I've seen the list of potential interviewees, but am sworn to secrecy. I think I can reveal that she'll be talking to none other than Chuck Olsen [yes -- THAT Chuck Olsen!!!] in the top design/top tech metropolis of Minneapolis, MN. And many far more interesting people.

The best part for me? I'm going to edit most of the videos. Amanda's video announcing the project will appear Tuesday. She's actually filming it Monday and FedExing it to me, along with an interview I'm really looking forward to. I'll be chomping on an endless stream of FedEx'd tapes thereafter. None other than vlogmaster Michael Verdi will be editing when I'm travelling next month or if I get overwhelmed.

What a dream. This is going to be a blast.

UPDATE: Amanda's thank you and sortof announcement. Her video on Tuesday will explain the adventure she's embarking on.

MORE LINKS: Laughing Squid, Big Daddy Scoble, Blip.tv blog, and more

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Heiruspecs Video


Check this out... I've been doing a lot of video for Mpls St Paul magazine. The first one to be posted is Heiruspecs and I rather like it. We got a chance to hang out with the St. Paul hip-hop kids last week recording their new album. Also check out Muad'Dib (named after a Dune character) doing his thing in this video: Beatbox vs. Drums.

Heiruspecs are playing again tonight @ Triple Rock Social Club. Highly recommended.

In a couple of days I should have more exciting vlog announcements.

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