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S-s-s-somethin' from the comments

Here's a comment I just got about the video, Bloggers on 9/11:

This last podcast SUCKED.

I have watched for a year, and the 9/11 podcast was totally biased and STUPID. You can't be pro bush, and pro army. If you were trying to be journalistic, you failed. The guy who was talking about the lost soldiers sucked ass. You made it seem as though he was saying something positive. Then there was a bunch of nonsense talk about blogs which was very poorly tied to the previous conversation... Then, it ended.


*a previously interested new yorker.

And, my response:

Dear __________,

There's nothing biased about it on my end -- I obviously don't share the views of Power Line. I didn't make him say anything, or appear to say anything -- those are his words. I disagree with them strongly myself. In fact, one reason I posted it is because he looks ridiculous trying to connect the death of a solider in Iraq to 9/11.

You are right that the two clips aren't really connected in any way, except they're both views from bloggers and both are from "Blogumentary" footage I have. This isn't a television show. We put up clips of all sorts, many of them unpolished.

Please understand I'm one guy, trying to put up a new video every day in my spare time. This was the most relevant video I could come up with, in the wee hours of 9/11/06. I think many people will find it interesting or valuable, but you're welcome to disagree.


ps - why didn't you comment on the post?

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