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Congrats Amanda

Play the motherfunker

BusinessWeek: From Rocketboom to ABC
Q&A with Amanda Congdon

Amanda sez: I don't feel like I'm "crossing over"-- I have one one foot firmly planted in each world, new media and old.

I'm so happy for Amanda, and happy she can finally announce all this great news. The Rocketboom breakup was painful for everyone involved, but my hopes have come true: Both Rocketboom and Amanda are doing great things and pursuing their own dreams.

I'm currently uploading one of the last videos for Amanda Across America, an interview with Doc Searls. It's been a long crazy ride editing videos from her road trip. It's made me smarter about many environmental issues, like biodiesel. It also served as an excellent introduction to Democratic candidate for president Gov. Tom Vilsack. My favorites, though, are the fun ones like hunky actor Daniel McVicar and the wicked parody of Rabbit Bites. I hope I can keep working with Amanda and Mario in some way.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to getting on with my own projects. I have some ambitious goals for the Vloggie-award-winning Minnesota Stories, which has been neglected lately. Why, I haven't even posted here about The Vloggies. Yeah, Minnesota won big! Woohoo! That's a future post.

For now, my head is spinning with all the morphing opportunities we have putting video online. At the first VloggerCon in Jan. 2005, people whispered about Ryan Hodson's secret desire. She wanted to do this for a living. Vlog for a living? Absolutely radical, and highly unlikely. Well here we are, doing just that.

But it's more than that. We have unprecedented opportunities to be creative, to share, to influence, to learn, to encourage world peace. Oh yeah, I went there.

UPDATE:Slashdot is funny. I'm surprised that many g33ks still haven't heard of Amanda Congdon. You guys are losing your street cred. Err, your panelled basement cred?

Also: What's a guy gotta do to get listed in the Techmeme conversation? Oh, who cares.

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Very cool. I'm so happy for her. Looks like a few networks are starting to do this. Amber Macarther is doing it for a Canadian new team and a local station here in AZ started doing something like that last month. Keep up the good work chuck.

Posted by: Clintus at Nov 14, 2006 6:02:32 PM

and because they don't know who she is they have to pretend that they're *proud* of not knowing.


Posted by: eric at Nov 17, 2006 5:39:22 PM