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Vlog Shoutouts, Happenings

A fantastic idea for a vlog from a fantastic individual, Miguel in Portugal. (Those of you who've seen Blogumentary will remember him talking about Plain Layne.) Make a video about something that sparked you into action or thinking something new.

JayryanneYou know, like rock stars sign to a major label. They'll be making videos about sustainability for RyanIsHungry simulcast on PodTech. Congrats to them both.

Here's the video where I discovered they were dating. I still really love this video. Aww!

This arrangement sounds a lot like my video series profiling Minnesota artists. I'm partnered with the Walker Art Center's mnartists.org but the videos also live on Minnesota Stories and I have full creative freedom. We work together to find artists to profile and it's just the best possible working relationship.

Developments like these make me feel the dream of 2005 is coming true. We're getting paid to making creative videos online and tell stories we want to tell. We're not getting rich, most of us, but there's happiness and sustainability to be found.

Congrats Norwegian vlog-brother Raymonde. Here's a video of him from Jan /05, shivering down his spine.

Moving to San Francisco and still making great videos of him and Dylan, who is recovering from appendicitis. Good luck.

netw3rkThey got off to a rocky start announcing their online video guide (think "Internet TV Guide"). Opt-in, opt-out, opt-off! I felt bad about this brouhaha because I know Chris Brogan is an upstanding fellow who started the PodCamp unconference. I also think Network2 could be a great service and help bring in a wider audience to my stuff and others making "shows." They took the community feedback (along with my own email advice) and made some changes. The community is much happier now.

The videoblogging community might want to create a "Video 2.0 for Dummies" FAQ so Web 2.0 video companies can avoid pitfalls and do the right thing. Or at least, have an idea of where we've been and not walk into these waters without proper gear. There are a few sharks, and they will bite, but many of us want to swim with you if you feed us and treat us with respect. Also, we're very colorful and pretty!


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Nice wrap up post af all the news that fits to print!

Verdi is moving?

Posted by: Steve Garfield at Dec 19, 2006 10:08:47 AM

What a swell guy. Thanks, Chuck!

Posted by: Chris Brogan... at Dec 19, 2006 11:14:46 AM

You are my new favorite Katie Couric!

The media IS YOU!!!

Posted by: schlomo at Dec 19, 2006 1:57:24 PM

I hear he's moving to an island in SL.

Posted by: taulpaul at Dec 20, 2006 11:18:40 AM

So what is your vlogspark ;)? You know you wanna do it…

Posted by: "Miguel in Portugal" at Dec 27, 2006 3:37:19 AM