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Fine Vlog-Dining

Chuck and Lorika are back on the restaurant review trail, starting with Chambers Kitchen. This is, hands-down, one of the best meals we've ever had. (Auriga, sadly closing this week, holds second place.)

Please note, this was done with my old camera which was sucky in low light conditions. From now on, these things will look pretty decent. My new camera rocks. Check out my latest MSP video featuring Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Carson Kressley.

January 26, 2007 at 10:03 AM in Food and Drink | Permalink


Wow, you two...fab review. I want that banana cake! We were just at Azia, so we'll have to hit this one next month...

Posted by: Rena at Jan 26, 2007 4:12:58 PM

I checked out their menu online. Looks like they have a couple of vegan-friendly options. Now I want to go too! But maybe not during a snowstorm.

Posted by: Sharyn at Jan 28, 2007 1:43:45 PM

Hey I'm diggin this. The review I mean, the food obviously made me hungry. Keep em coming guys.

Posted by: Clintus at Jan 30, 2007 12:13:43 AM

I think you could grill walleye on
an open flame with nothing else and
it would be delicious. Very entertaining
restaurant review.

Posted by: bottomunion at Feb 1, 2007 3:55:50 AM


You keep eating. I'll keep watching!

Posted by: missb at Feb 1, 2007 2:29:58 PM