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Scoble interviews Edwards

Podtech_senator_john_edwards_thumbWatch the airplane interview here

I love this. Rocketboom got the first vlog exclusive interview, but Scoble's interview is even more "vloggy" because it's on a plane and more casual. Although it's tragic that his expensive HD camera broke, I like the imperfection of the comparitively lo-fi Xacti.

Here's a good discussion about the significance and potential pitfalls of Scoble being on this trip. I think it's perhaps more significant that a couple of blog supporters from North Carolina were on this trip, Amy and Richard. They're not A-listers and I *think* paid their own way, blogging on BlueNC and posting video on YouTube.

This interview definitely helps put a human face on a presidential candidate. Edwards' town hall meetings, blogger meetups, and interviews like this are all part of his 21st century whistlestop tour. We've had 40+ years of broadcast politics. The campaigns of Dean and now Edwards really harken back to that old concept of engaging people one-by-one, all around the country.

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