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Flexing muscles

Chuck_rippedI've never done so much video shooting in such a short span of time. And boy, are my arms tired! And my chest, and my shoulders, and – I'll stop griping. My new camera is a little heavier and I almost always end up doing handheld stuff, holding it high and one-handed and every-which-way. A good workout.

When I worked at the public television station, I always thought it would be cool to become a video editor or a videographer. I didn't think I'd ever escape being "the web guy." Finally it happened, and fast. Ever since quitting my dayjob to edit Amanda Across America, it's been a nonstop video rollercoaster. Wee!

This week alone I'm shooting art, architecture, fashion, dance, and more fashion. Not to mention the "candy kitchen" lady. Oh man, what a ride.

I'll tell you what muscles I haven't been flexing: Performance muscles. I attempted to improv a character tonight for Chasing Windmills and, as Lori said, "there were bright spots." Amid 85% dark, uncomfortable, unfunny spots. Hopefully the editing will save me, and save us all. It was cool seeing Aaron, Alexis, and Amber.

Speaking of not-so-great performances, I was on the Canadian Broadcast Network this week. The show is called Freestyle, and apparently it's on satellite radio too. It was live, and I talked about blogs and journals and presidential campaigns and stuff. I was nervous at first, and when I'm nervous I run out of breath. Thankfully it's not online because of all the cool music they play. I loosened up about halfway through the interview and found my groove, but dang - no editing magic on live radio.

Me no talk good, no make sentence, punctured lung uh-oh!

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Dude get a monopod--best lightweight, mobile, inexpensive camera stablization ever!
I never leave home without mine.

Posted by: Bill Streeter at Feb 22, 2007 9:19:11 AM

Chuck, you have to tell us BEFORE you go on the Canadian media, so we can tune in!

Posted by: tina at Feb 22, 2007 10:07:36 AM

A monopod, yes! I have one but the belt clip broke. Must acquire another.

Tina - I suppose you're right. Too long have I neglected my Canadien friends.

Posted by: chuck olsen at Feb 22, 2007 12:15:47 PM

chuck, the head on that photo looks like you and david schwimmer had teh sex and your baby grew up and married a nordictrak.

Posted by: honey bunny at Feb 22, 2007 9:32:24 PM

This is a good look for you. Minus the over sized next. But I guess that could come in handy when you get lonely.

Posted by: Clintus at Feb 24, 2007 9:47:48 AM