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Blogumentary: Required viewing

I've lost track of how many journalism and communication classes are forced to watch Blogumentary*.

This USC Annenberg class instructor says "tomorrow the second half of the class we'll watch blogumentary. and lest you think that means you have permission to leave during the break, I'll be taking attendance at the end of class."

I must admit, I get a little sadistic thrill knowing Blogumentary is mandatory viewing.

An important-seeming person, Bruno Giussani, thought the film was a little long but "one of the best explanation of what blogs are that I've seen so far." Thanks dude! Feel free to invite me to the next TED conference. Don't make me beg.

A Brazilian student named Fabiane has quite lovely things to say:

Today I've watched the Blogumentary, a film by Chuck Olsen and I just think it is the greatest thing a person made on the web (if you think on video) since... ahn... I really don't know. But it reminds me that video about web 2.0.

So, I've closed the Firefox tab and started to think: "WOW! Why all this people in this world don't see this POWER?!"

Amen sister!

* Or as the kids seem to insist on calling it, "the blogumentary."

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