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What makes good political video?

There were lots of highlights at the intense Personal Democracy Forum in NYC last weekend. I have some video to post later, including clips of NY Times Thomas Friedman interviewing Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

I'm most interested in political video. Pew Research says 21 million people have watched a political video online as of Feb 2007. Here are a few tips from YouTube's Steve Grove. There's a lot of experimentation out there, which is great, but he recommends:

1) Keep the camera rolling, get as much footage as you can. Capture authentic moments when they happen - if you don't someone else will.

2) Keep content fresh, post new videos, esp. since new videos will show up for people subscribed to your YouTube channel.

3) Reach out. Online video is not just a shrunken TV screen; be two-way. Ask supporters (and enemies?) to respond. Respond back.

4) Be personal. Not necessarily hip/edgy. YouTube's demographic is 18 - 55. More real compelling content, more authentic and personal.

Blip.TV's Dina Kaplan was another highlight for me. She challenged political parties to try building a 24-hour online video channel. An interesting idea, for sure.

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Thanks for posting this. I missed this session.

Posted by: steve garfield at May 21, 2007 5:54:22 AM

I am glad that politician are using Youtube because then their message
has the potential to reach a younger audience.
However, a lot of it is like cable new sound bites.

Posted by: Teresa at May 21, 2007 10:08:42 AM