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Let's Go (Prince) Crazy

I have Prince madness! Prince fans in Minneapolis and beyond are dying to get into his show at First Avenue. They're lined up around the block. I don't have the endurance to stand in line downtown on one of the hottest days of the year - this will surely be a test of how far Prince fans are willing to go. I did make it into PiPress music writer Ross Raihala's roundup of favorite Prince songs, though:

"Darling Nikki" (1984): "A scuzzy kid named Shane used to crank this song in the back of my Fridley school bus. Every day. He had long hair, a cross earring, and wore a jean jacket laden with metal band pins. A stoner burnout, playing this dirty Prince song that made the whole bus feel naughty and super cool. It's not my favorite Prince song, but I'll forever remember it as a preteen hormone amplifier." -- Chuck Olsen, Blogumentary.

Chuck Klosterman naturally has a hilarious take on this tune. There are lots of Prince songs I like much more - "I Would Die 4 U" just might be my favorite.

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Pick a Prince fave? Oy...you could just as easily ask me to name my favorite internal organ.

Do I need my heart the most? My brain? Lungs? Gall bladder?

If you held a gun to my head I guess I'd have to say When You Were Mine...or Bambi...or DMSR...or Jack U Off...or Tambourine. Oh, and Delirious.


Can't do it.

But I Would Die 4 U is definitely on my top ten, too!

Posted by: missb at Jul 8, 2007 4:56:49 AM

I was lucky to see Prince in Rotterdam in 1986. The event was held in an indoor bicycle veledrome that held less than 5,000. He was touring with Parade and did alot of stuff from Pailey Park and Purple Rain. I caught him again around 89-90? in Philly and he did a lot of medleys which disappointed me. But IMHO, the Superbowl show in HiDef 5.1 and a storm was the best ever!

Posted by: Jimmy Craic Head at Jul 18, 2007 10:08:58 AM