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Rocket booms in Israel

Rocketboom special report from israel

This Rocketboom special report from Sderot, Israel (near the Gaza strip) generated a lot of heated commentary. Isn't it weirdly ironic that the Rocketboom logo's rocket looks like a stylized Qassam rocket? Anyway, here's my $0.02.

80 comments so far - that says a lot.

I thought this slice of life on the Gaza border was educational and interesting. I knew Drew and Joanne were in Israel for a few days, so I was hoping they would venture out and show us something about what life is like there, and they did.

I disagree that "this story failed." It's good to have high expectations, absolutely. But this slice of video isn't trying to be more than that. Like much of what you see online, it requires you to be smarter. This is one perspective, but only one of many to help you form an opinion about the Israel/Palestine conflict. Many more opinions in the comments -- ignited by the video. This really shows how RB has become more participatory with threaded/rated comments.

I think Rocketboom would have failed by not showing us this video.

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Jeezuz the debate in that comments section is insane! And - unfortunately - all too predictable. The discussion actually made me angry. Why are people so blind? Why are we so quick to judge?

I agree though. Rocketboom was right in airing this. Now, lets see them airing something from the other side of the fence as well - that is, if they want to go for the objectivity / both sides of the story thing.

Hey Chuck, btw ;)

Posted by: Raymond at Jul 20, 2007 4:09:38 PM

Hey Raymond. :-)

Posted by: Chuck Olsen at Jul 20, 2007 6:04:36 PM