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What the heck... more MN Stories kudos

Thanks Vita.mn users for voting MN Stories #4 among Best Local Blogs.
Sweeeet! What a fine list, too.

I also stumbled upon a really delightful blurb from Broadband Jungle Blog:

The ingredients are simple: Information, humor and lots of very specific details about the urban Midwestern identity. Calling it This American Life from Lake Wobegon would be quite appropriate.

Note to self: Work on Ira Glass/Garrison Keillor/Morris Day hybrid look.

It's not very midwestern to gloat, but I'm really proud of the stuff on MN Stories lately. The "I Hate My Job" song/animation is pretty cute. Nobody else has video of the DFL blasting Norm Coleman about his recent re-commitment to the Iraq War. Butterfly Pee - that was actually filmed last year. So much good stuff waiting to be edited. Two Prince-related videos. Mike Hazard sent in a video of Mpls Institute of Arts curator Ted Hartwell right after he died. A documentary on rock climbing and another on sex education. A beautiful serene loon video, Miss Hmong Minnesota, kiteboarding on Mille Lacs.

What a freaking schizoid site, and I love it so. People are watching but they don't comment very often. So seeing some love in the Vita.mn poll means a great deal to me.

5:15 am, bird are chirping... time for bed.

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84 sites listed on the vita.mn poll and no one likes my site. It nice to work in complete and absolute obscurity ;)

Posted by: david at Jul 21, 2007 7:46:48 AM

ahh, the life of an artist.
kind of weird that you may well be more known internationally than locally, isn't it?

Posted by: chuck at Jul 21, 2007 11:56:28 AM

Actually, not weird at all. When I painted, I was known more abroad than at home.

I always looked at it as we never know what we have in our own backyards but know all about the neighbors yard.

Posted by: david at Jul 21, 2007 1:47:43 PM