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I'm sorta like, on Future Tense

Citizen media cover bridge collapse

Videoblogger Chuck Olsen was abouot the leave for Chicago when he learned about the bridge. An advocate of citizen journalism, Olsen rushed to the scene, shot some video and posted it to his "Minnesota Stories" site.

"I don't think we got anything that was all that different from what you would see on television, although it does feel different, I think the footage that I captured, because it is more first person, it's more raw, and it doesn't have anyone talking over it or sort of like commenting on what might have happened. Just sort of just the raw footage of what I saw when I got down there."

Another viewpoint from blogger emlarson:
But when a bridge falls down in Minneapolis, I'm not going to fire up Chuck Olsen's blog to find out what happened. It's time for WCCO, KSTP, KMSP or KARE -- all of which had choppers in the air and reporters on the ground within a few minutes.

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