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Critical Mass, Kicking Ass

The Uptake was on the scene of Friday's Critical Mass bike ride in Minneapolis. The ride was a huge success – both in number (The Strib says 600) and the lack of arrests or confrontation. The only confrontation we know of is documented here: "The Mercedes Incident."

This video represents a proud accomplishment for The Uptake.

The Uptake is producing original, increasingly networked citizen journalism video. It's not aggregating other random videos, or one person capturing a random moment. We're working as a team and producing original content. Hardly anyone else is doing this.

We used footage from four cameras here, and we have at least two other folks with their own video. Eventually we'll learn how to be networked for real, whether it's through Twitter, wireless headsets, or other methods we haven't thought of. It's an exciting time to be a citizen journalist, and to be creating original stories like this one.

BONUS VIDEO: Chuck talking about critical mass on Channel 5 news

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Dear Phil

An idea hatched on the shores of Lake Francis, where sobriety and inhibition hold no quarter:


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Love and Hope. Monkeys and Pigeons.


The abandoned monkey who has found love with a pigeon

[ via Zadi ]

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Retardid policeman!

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Corn Guy has landed


At long last, the debut of Corn Guy! This is just a sneak peak. Now you begin to see why creepy photos of a large corn-headed dude appeared in my Flickr, not to mention Cristina in a Taco Girl costume. Keep an eye on CornGuy.tv for a couple more funny videos in the near future.

Disclosure Fine Print: Chuck was totally paid to make these videos.

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Citizen video of Norm Coleman catches fire

I knew this video on The Uptake would be a hot tamale. So far we've been linked by Wonkette ("MN Senator Norm Coleman was caught on tape inadvertently saying something about Iraq informed by reality."), Daily Kos, The Atlantic's Matthew Yglesias, the Americans Against Escalation in Iraq newsletter, and more. Woohoo!

Citizen video, even when relatively poor quality, can really strike a chord when it's exclusive content like this.

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Rep. Keith Ellison interview

Last Saturday, a bunch of my peeps from The Uptake went to a big peace rally in St. Paul. Here, our new rock star citizen journalist Noah Kunin interviews Rep. Keith Ellison about how relevant peace marches are and whether he stands by his vote to reauthorize funding for the Iraq War. Our team interviewed lots of peace marchers and counterprotesters at the St. Paul capitol and Xcel Energy Center, where the Republican National Convention will be held in 2008. Everyone is gearing up for the RNC, including we citizen journalist-types. These events are good practice.

More good video popping up on The Uptake soon, including a few peace marchers who showed up at Senator Norm Coleman's house (!) and got him to engage with them on his support for the Iraq War.

Camera geek notes: This interview was filmed with the Canon HV20 wide angle lens, which may not be obvious but makes everything look way better. It's also filmed on the Steadicam Merlin, especially noticeable around 1:07 into the interview when I'm smoothly walking by the counterprotesters.

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Mooki's Catnip Overload

Everyone please go rate and comment on the video!

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I've Been Clipped


(imagine the following with an exaggerated Kung Fu accent)

Grreeeat honor!

The Clip Show, probably the top show covering and rating videoblogs, dedicated their most recent episode to my citizen journalism projects Minnesota Stories and The Uptake. Gosh, thanks Jim and Chuck. It's always a thrill to get noticed outside of our chilly northern clime, which is currently way too hot and sticky.

Vlog Santa is a big Clip Show fan, so much that he took time out of his fat lazy summer vacation to record this video.

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