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Mooki's Catnip Overload

Everyone please go rate and comment on the video!

September 12, 2007 at 04:15 PM in Funny Crap, VIDEO | Permalink


O....M....G...What a crack up!

Posted by: Rena at Sep 12, 2007 8:35:54 PM

He made it to #17 most favorited (i think) in the pets category of YouTube today - woohoo!

Now that lorika has a little camera that takes video, I think we'll be seeing more Mooki viddy.

Posted by: chuck at Sep 12, 2007 10:15:29 PM

I have read that catnip acts on the same part of the feline equivalent of a brain that marijuana acts on in the human brain.

Posted by: BAW at Mar 17, 2009 3:50:19 PM