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Get in on the hot video action


If you're interested in citizen journalism and/or political video, join The Uptake Google Group so we can have a place to chat and share our CJ brains + links + experiences. I started things off posting about my experiences shooting Al Franken and Bill Clinton. (Yes, it was an exciting day.)

How about a walk down memory lane?

Chuck Olsen | Jan 7, 2004 6:06 PM

We really are living in a world where "networked citizens get smarter faster than the insititutions that that govern them." We'll decide who to elect, we'll decide what to think about them, thankyouverymuch. Each of us bloggers is part of the media. Hell, I can walk into Dean HQ and get a "press" pass. Who am I? I'm just a blogger, and a filmmaker yes, but they're both independent media. Me with a computer, me with a camera, I use them together and I am the frigging media. We are the frigging media.

The genie is out of the bottle.

Nick Denton | July 2, 2002 11:56 AM

"Weblogs have been massively hyped by the media. And they aren't going to change the face of journalism any time soon."

LASTLY: An early attempt at citizen journalism political video on New Patriot, March 2005.

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My favorite new song: "Imagine"

You know how annoying it is getting tons of friend requests from completely random bands, most of which suck? Well, maybe it's not such a band thing. Today I got a friend request from Master of Con?usion. He has a geeky Macbook-rainbow photo and he's from Minneapolis, so I checked out his tunes.

I didn't care for his default song, "Whatanassshaker," but then I clicked on "Imagine." Wow. This song put the biggest smile on my face. It's so damn techno-hippy-optimistic, and poppy as hell. I just love the living crap out of this song. Share in my joy, won't you? And somebody put this guy on the radio.


Download the MP3

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Citizen Journalism: It's time to kick ass

iPod/Quicktime file

The deets are over here!

ALSO: Come on down to Solutions Twin Cities on Friday night. It promises to be a night of mind-expanding possibilities. I'll be making a very strange 7-minute presentation about citizen journalism, with some audience interaction. Yeah, umm... it's going to be weird. I'm a little nervous.

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I bow before comic genius

Missing Girl Probably Raped

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Video: Blogumentary in NYC

Join me now, on a magical journey back in time... August 30, 2006. A time when I had a movie screening in the big apple, thanks to Pioneer Theater programmer and Duluth native Ray Privett. You'll also see some behind-the-scenes footage of Rocketboom 2.0, still fairly fresh with new host Joanne Colan. What's not in the video is a bit of drama, those bits of drama that are best forgotten until a cybernetic Ken Burns comes around and interviews aging videobloggers in magic Surround-O-Vision. No, this is not that video – just a personal remembrance.

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Networking in NYC


I'm heading to New York for the Networked Journalism Conference, a day of intense citizen journalism best-practices discovery and collaboration from Jeff Jarvis, Dave Cohn, and the CUNY School of Journalism. I'll be there with Mike Mcintee, my expert CJ cohort in The Uptake. (Whew, enough links for ya?)

I'm sure looking forward to seeing old friends (Steve Garfield, Andy Carvin, Brian Conley, Bill Cammack, Blipsters, Action Girl? Grace? Anyone else coming out for a Burp Castle brew) and new.

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Mark your calendars

We're having a fundraiser for The Uptake at the 331 Club on Saturday, Oct. 20. Please come out and help us support citizen journalism in Minnesota. Why? We're gearing up for the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul and the Democratic National Convention in Colorado. We need cameras and equipment, and we'd like to be able to pay citizen journalists a little something for their important work. Also it's good for the health of our democracy, apple pie and freedom and The Bible, etc.

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They are the (old skool) Media


Jason DeRusha and Don Shelby, with their big time fancy Emmys. You guys rock.
"How do you know a professional journalist versus a citizen journalist? Neckwear."

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Please note: I didn't start the fire

The Uptake is hot hot hot this week, folks. So hot, I finally created a blog category - I know, right?

The latest press is a complete surprise - a nice mention from Mpls.St.Paul magazine.
Thanks to Reveille Mag for the tip. (Can someone tell me how to pronounce that, btw?)

Please note, I did not start The Upake. I know, I plaster my name and face all over it to drill the association into your pretty heads. But it was conceived by one Jason Barnett. You can read all about him and the rest of our team over here.

If you're really looking for a spunky time, join in the MNspeak thread about The Uptake and citizen journalism.
MNspeak, where "much of the posting is insider snark and unreflective." Heh.

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Solutions Twin Cities

Solutions Twin Cities: A forum for world changing ideas

Local designers, artists, & activists are on the forefront of a tidal wave of change; yet they have no place to gather, socialize, or share their ideas. Solutions is the space for presenting these new ideas & drawing awareness to existing solutions.

I will be one of twenty "solutionists," talking about why citizen journalism is important.


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