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Video: Blogumentary in NYC

Join me now, on a magical journey back in time... August 30, 2006. A time when I had a movie screening in the big apple, thanks to Pioneer Theater programmer and Duluth native Ray Privett. You'll also see some behind-the-scenes footage of Rocketboom 2.0, still fairly fresh with new host Joanne Colan. What's not in the video is a bit of drama, those bits of drama that are best forgotten until a cybernetic Ken Burns comes around and interviews aging videobloggers in magic Surround-O-Vision. No, this is not that video – just a personal remembrance.

October 9, 2007 at 05:11 AM in Blogumentary, VIDEO | Permalink


I remember last year I flew back to NY Sept.1st -so close! -if I had shown up, I would've been freakin out "look there's Joanne! and Randy Wicker! etc" -tsk tsk.

Posted by: taxiplasm at Oct 9, 2007 7:10:27 AM

Technically Joanne didn't make it... long story. :-)

Posted by: chuck at Oct 9, 2007 8:07:39 AM

good times man. I can't wait to go to NY. It's only 4 years away :)

Posted by: Clintus McGintus at Oct 27, 2007 4:12:38 PM