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Where are the good online political shows?

Hat_beanie_black_lrg There so many political shows popping up online, it's hard to keep track of them. Some are going for comedy, others are going for partisan news. There are some decent efforts, and I'm glad to see so many people jumping into the fray. But overall, many of these shows are either trying too hard (to be like TV), or not trying hard enough (to be engaging).

Case in point: GoLeft TV. You can tell this site was started by a lawyer, and apparently not an entertainment lawyer. Guys - nobody is going to watch you to get "actual news." You're spending way to much time playing it straight and reading a teleprompter. Let loose a little! You want to be partisan? It barely registers. Make it shorter, poppier, more passionate - please.

Yes, I'm a huge overly critical dick, and I'm sorry.

Political Lunch is in the same vein, but better because they find more obscure stories and sometimes loosen up. (Disclaimer: I know host/producer Robert Millis so I'm probably going easy on 'em) It still feels too long to me, but I'm totally ADD oh look a kitty! They should also switch up the camera angles more, get some closeups in there boys.

Of course Veracifier is somewhat in their own league, featuring Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo. I think TPM TV has improved a lot since they started. Not many people can get away with talking in front of a green screen for any length of time, but Josh Marshall always has incisive and engaging political analysis you simply don't see anywhere else, at least in video. My current fave video is Big Man on Campus in spite of all the rookie videographer goofups.

techPresidentTV has huge potential, reviewing interesting political video with a loose, mildly snarky tone. Joshua Levy is really getting into the groove. But - where are the shows, guys? It's a lot of work, but I hope you keep at it with regular frequency.

I'm liking Debate Porridge with comedian Anthony Atamanuik, "Washington Outsider." It's produced (not overproduced) by Mary Matthews. Some of the earlier videos are too long for a guy standing in front of a wall, but I like where they're going with the most recent video : Calling up campaigns on a weekend to see who answers. Keep going, guys.

Steve Garfield and Phil Johnson have a new pilot up: Cup O Politics. I like this too - very simple, but a good concept. Who doesn't love dolls? Literally, love them?

My favorite funny newsy show is easily SharkBaby News. (You have to find the shows on Lee Camp's YouTube page.) It's only a teensy bit political, but...well, here's how they describe themselves: Not enough Jew and Iranian newcast anchors in your life?? Then we're the cast for you. "Faker, more retardeder news than anyone... ever!"

What am I missing? Post your faves in los commentitos.

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I think this guy is ok, though his delivery is a little shrill maybe: https://www.r8ny.com/blog/lunchbox ..understands he's not doing TV, at least

Posted by: Jay Smooth at Nov 6, 2007 2:17:29 PM

Hey Chuck!

Thanks! Our first review. I'm honored.

Although we like dolls, we're not going to keep doing the same thing every week. Right now we're talking about something with a huge map. Maps I think can be funny.

We're also going to use animation and enlist comedians to work with us...

In fact, once we get a community going, we're going to enlist viewers to help us produce the show.

Thanks for the link. we've got a lot of work to do!

Posted by: Steve Garfield at Nov 6, 2007 6:50:11 PM

yeah, I've felt the same way about GoLeft. It seems like they had a good idea, and let the details bog them down. They seem to want to be hip and fun, but just don't pull it off at all.

it comes off as some traditional TV news producer thought "all I have to do is take some young hipsters and drop them and their t-shirts into my normal TV news formula and boom, it'll be great"

Posted by: jason at Nov 7, 2007 10:10:56 AM

I responded to your post via my own post:

Posted by: Terry Ann at Nov 8, 2007 1:58:42 PM

Great post with more political video (including, d'oh - Politico). Thanks Terry Ann.

Posted by: chuck at Nov 8, 2007 4:35:41 PM

Thank you, Chuck! I really appreciate it! Political shows sometimes may be so amusing that I certaily like to watch them.

Posted by: Patricia at Nov 9, 2007 6:09:18 AM

So - it's easier to write emails to all the persons, whose ideas are interestinf for you, rather than spend your time in useless TV debates.

Posted by: Economic and Culture Observer (Lenno Cornish) at Feb 12, 2008 5:59:16 AM