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Hans Johnson caught in Kenya violence

Kenya violence

Duluth-native and Dance Band drummer Hans Johnson has devoted much of his life to helping the Maasai people of Southern Kenya. Here's a video I made with Hans about the school he helped build there using funds from Music of the Maasai CDs, with a little help from Low's Alan Sparkhawk.

On a recent trip to visit the Maasai village, he got caught in some gunfire. Here's the video.

Hans writes: On my way back from the Maasai Mara I had to duck into a small shop in Narok Town while police and protesters clashed in the street. The following video was taken at the tail end of the shooting. You can hear gun shots and screams and me asking if the walls are stone.

I'll be interviewing Hans for The UpTake next week, and I believe there will be a Star Tribune article shortly. I'm glad he made it home safe and sound to share what's going on there. See also, Rocketboom's two videos from Ruud Elmendorp on the Kenya crisis.

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Wow. Dangerous. The buildings across the street certainly are not made of stone.

Posted by: Matt Johnson at Jan 24, 2008 7:09:21 AM

Hi Chuck, thanks for highlighting the RB videos. We also have been tending to a wiki page we made with resources and some Kenyan blogs, etc and now have 5 field reports on the topic:


Once you get your video up, please include on the wiki!

Posted by: Andrew Baron at Jan 24, 2008 9:01:59 AM

thanks Andrew - I just saw your dembot post too, i will be sure to add it to the wiki!

Posted by: chuck at Jan 24, 2008 9:17:40 AM