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Thank you John Edwards

I just saw Edwards at the St. Paul rally. He was inspiring even though I'd seen his speech many times. I realized nobody else in the race was talking about ExxonMobil making $40 billion in profits, contrasted with how much hunger and homelessness we have around us. That same night, Joe Trippi twittered this:


Sure enough, that didn't bode well. I talked to several people after the Edwards rally who were drawn to his willingness to go after giant corporations and stand up for working class folk. Here's hoping Edwards continues his good work on poverty issues. His presence will be sorely missed in this campaign.

JUST REALIZED: I was on the road with Edwards on the first day of his campaign, and saw him here on the last day of his campaign. Bookends.

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Damn. That's too bad. He's on the front page of the Strib too.

Posted by: Lorika at Jan 30, 2008 2:57:42 PM

Looks as though John Edwards was getting busy when he was busy.


Posted by: Egregious at Aug 8, 2008 2:17:22 PM