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The UpTake LIVE: Vegas Snippets

For the 99.999999% of the video grokking population who missed The UpTake's occasionally entertaining and incisive live coverage of the Nevada caucus, here are a few moments I hold near and dear. The whole team did a bangup job. Definitely check out The UpTake's YouTube channel for on-the-ground coverage from our citizen journalists in Nevada, like Corrine McDermid's Politics and the Strip video.

THE UPTAKE, DERAILING THE NARRATIVE: Chuck Tomlinson and Stacker Manfield comment on the exchange between Mitt Romney and Associated Press reporter Glen Johnson - and how it relates to our brand of citizen journalism.

Well, you just have to watch this one... College favorite!

Just a real lovely gem of a song, this guy and his ukulele. One of many YouTube clips I dug up relating to Nevada politics.

Check out my 0:30 spot, with the bigtime newsy musics and a little 3D action courtesy of After Effects.

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Thanks for highlighting that Romney kerfuffle. Romney and his press aide were scary. I mean really scary.

Posted by: Steve Garfield at Jan 20, 2008 7:36:50 AM

I'm glad you like the caucus carol. Stay tuned, I've got another one on the way...

Posted by: ß&dragon at Jan 23, 2008 1:03:23 AM