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YouTube Politics and Google Elves

Here's an interview Noah Kunin and I did with YouTube's News and Politics Editor (and Carleton College grad) Steve Grove. Some interesting questions got edited out. I asked him if a YouTube television channel is in the works, whether they'll offer HD video like Vimeo, and whether political campaigns lobby him to get featured. His answer to the last question is mostly in the video - it sounds like yes, campaigns do lobby him but he just gives them tips on getting their video out there. As for YouTubeTV and YouTube in HD? They're just focusing on making sure the massive amount of video they have now works well, and sees YouTube as more of a compliment to television than a replacement. However, I don't imagine he'd spill any product development beans.

Oh yeah, and he totally admits there's such a thing as Google Elves. They're like gay gremlins.

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