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God in Our Governments: RAW & UNCUT

The UpTake's "We Need God in Our Governments" video of fundamentalists in Lynchburg, Tennessee has generated a firestorm of interest and heated discussion. Here's almost all of the raw footage, where I ask them about the fabled separation of Church & State, and the fact that our country was founded upon religious freedom.

As I've stated elsewhere: These are good people - some of the nicest folks I've ever met in my life.

Their views are often misguided or worse, and they seem almost impervious to information outside their close-knit religious community, which is frightening. However, piling hatred on them, or dismissing them as ignorant hicks, does no good.

These folks believe they're doing what's right for them in the context of their moral framework. Of course that's miles away from the progressive moral framework. Perhaps someone should give the young girl a laptop with an EVDO card so she might have access to other ideas outside the bubble of Lynchburg, TN.

This is the smartest comment I've seen about the people in this video.

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I've seen this twice now (on YouTube and here) but haven't read any of the discussion threads because I loathe political discussion. But I keep wondering if you spoke at all to these ladies off-camera about their misinformation. "Hey, where in the hootenanny did your friend hear that Obama was Muslim?" Also, were there any awkward moments where you were asked to say grace or do any other sort of fundamentalist Christian thing while visiting the church?

Posted by: Alexis at Feb 21, 2008 1:39:39 AM

Yep, in the video I ask them where they got this information about Obama, and they said a member of their congregation. I assume that person maybe received the Obama email that's been spreading, or knows someone who did. Then they went on about him not putting his hand over his heart for the pledge of allegiance, etc. - I just let them talk. It's all stuff from this nasty email, so I think that's the ultimate source.

Beyond that I didn't try to correct them or debate them, and I generally don't do that.

I think, because I'm a nice guy and a good listener, people I interview assume I believe the same things they do. So they possibly thought I was a good church-goin' fella and sometimes that was awkward. I probably gave myself away when they were serving me food and I went "Oh God, yeah that looks good!"

Posted by: Chuck at Feb 21, 2008 1:56:18 AM

"Oh fuck yeah, these biscuits are tits!"

Posted by: Alexis at Feb 21, 2008 2:11:44 AM

me = LOL

Posted by: Chuck at Feb 21, 2008 3:46:49 PM

I'm a believer of the Gospel, but I also understand that freedom of religion encompasses every religion... If a catholic priest can pray at the beginning of a congressional session, why can't a Hindu pundit do the same without being harassed?


I want someone who's good at running the business of my country.
Who cares who they worship?
Besides, what's so bad about the Koran anyway?

Seriously, pass this along or Bill Gates won't donate a dollar for every forwarded email to a dying baby needing surgery in Mississippi.

Posted by: Josh at Feb 21, 2008 4:42:43 PM